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Arturo Sayegh

Arturo Sayegh

Arturo SayeghSecuoya Marketing

Since 1987, I have worked in international commerce for major key players in the oil industry. I have been manager for international trading companies and I am an entrepreneur and small business owner. I have worked with small teams, large teams, cross-departmental groups, and external suppliers, in small companies and global corporations alike. The net effect is that my experience enriched with the Duct Tape Marketing methodology empowers me to provide you with a unique consulting because I can…

  1. Understand what you’re trying to achieve given your particular context
  2. Draw on my experience along with Duct Tape Marketing methodology to address each challenge the best possible way
  3. Put together a plan of how to do it, measure it and analyze it with effective and efficient execution

… with enthusiasm and jargon-free, crystal clear open business communication.

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