Co-branding for New Business

Co-branding for New Business

Co-branding for New Business

By John Jantsch

Large organizations have done it for years, but many small business marketers haven’t yet discovered the awesome power of co-branding.

It’s really just a fancy name for referrals or partnerships, but in this context, what I mean by co-branding is simply reaching out to other businesses that play in your ideal target market space and offering them your education based marketing materials to use as their own.

The great thing about this tactic is that it’s effective with big companies and small companies alike.

The mechanics are really simple. Create a value packed report or ebook, sprinkle a little info about your company at the end, and then take that baby to a company you would like to partner with and offer to allow them to slap their logo on it and send it out or offer it as a value added service to all of their customers and prospects.

Marketing Plan Pro
I’m guessing you can see the value of this approach from a lead generation standpoint, but I also find that your potential strategic partners will embrace this too. They no they should be doing this and now your show up with a ready-made answer. Many times two natural partners know they want to endorse each other, but can’t figure out how to do it in a non-sales way – now they can?

This approach equally well with teleseminars and workshops as well. My Marketing Plan Pro powered by Duct Tape Marketing product is a great outcome of taking this approach to heart.

Go out and start proposing some co-brand promotions and watch those new leads come in the door.

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