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7 Activities That Don’t Scale but Will Win You Customers
Starting a business is hard work and early on you will need to hustle to find your first customers. There is no need to stress right away about what marketing channels will scale because you won’t know which options work best. And even when you do find out what will scale, it’s often the activities […]
3 KPIs to Track For Your Social Media Success
If you’re in business and you’re not harnessing the power of social media you need to jump on that bandwagon now. If you are using social media marketing as a channel to grow your business, awesome! But do you know how it’s working for your business? You might be posting a video here or there […]
Marketing Metrics – They Will Make You or Break You
Your business’ lifeblood is its customers. In order to gain enough customers to keep your business growing, you need to attract people’s attention; this requires a solid marketing campaign. However, we regularly see marketers making the mistake of thinking that a “good” marketing campaign means flooding various channels with clever advertisements. In truth, though, good […]
Networking and Business Building at the Annual Summit
For the past few months, we’ve been planning our Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network’s Annual Summit. Now, I love event planning so this was a fun project, but I don’t think I realized the impact and importance of this event until last week when we had around 60 people on a bus driving through the […]
How to Overcome Writer's Block
We’ve all been there: stuck with writer’s block on a tight deadline. It can completely derail your writing progress, and frustrate you to the point where you can’t get anything done. As a business owner, you don’t have time to sit around with writer’s block, and if your blog is well-read, the fear of disappointing […]
How to Improve Your Writing
Some people are natural writers. Most of us are not. Writing can be a struggle, and that struggle may prevent some business owners from creating the content that they need to successfully promote their businesses. Everyone has at some point stared at a blank word document and wondered if they’re a good enough writer to […]

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12 Things a Small Business Owner Can Do to Get the Most Out of WordPress
WordPress is a popular CMS platform, so you’re in a great place if you use it as the foundation for your website. With millions of themes and plugins, a superior experience can be had. It’s easy to get started, and an out of the box solution is free. Let us count the ways to maximize […]
Personal Growth: There’s More Than an App for That
It’s guest post day here at Duct Tape Marketing, and today’s guest post is from Rusty Brett  – Enjoy!  It’s no secret that personal growth and development is easier said than done. Like setting a New Year’s resolution, setting goals for self-improvement is easy — it’s the execution where most people run into issues. Incorporating personal […]
5 Key Ingredients In an Integrated Selling World
The term “integrated marketing” has been with us for many years. I’ve written about it in the classic sense and about how it’s evolved in the digital age as I believe integration is the key to consistency, momentum and systems thinking – all good things. While integration is a concept that is often applied broadly […]
Duct Tape Selling Launches This Week
When my first book, Duct Tape Marketing, finally went on sale I told my readers that it felt like I’d given birth. A number of women were quick to point out that I knew not of which I spoke. I’ve been careful ever since not to make the same mistake, but certainly somewhere in nature […]