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I've Been A Busy Podcaster
More great shows on the way at the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast. Recent interviews, to be published over the next few weeks include: Jeff Sloan – author of StartUpNation Tom Kulzer – CEO, AWeber Communications Guy Kawasaki – Blogger and Founder of Garage.com Brent Hill – VP of Business Development for FeedBurner Dean Nicolls – […]
Campfire Group Business Chat Is Live
I’ve hesitated viewing chat as a viable business tool primarily because you needed AOL, MSN, Yahoo, Google and IQC chat clients downloaded in order to synch your chats up with the people you wanted to have a chat with. I know that there are some services out there that helped with this compatibility issue but […]
Small Business Marketing Podcast with Ken Evoy
I had the opportunity to visit with Ken Evoy, Canadian, physician, author and founder of Site Sell – one of the most successful Internet based ventures ever. Site Sell and the flagship product Site Build It have turned the building of successful websites into a process for thousands of small business owners. You can listen […]
Yahoo News Search Turning Up Blogs
Yahoo has added blog results to its news search function. When searching Yahoo News for, say, the term “vCard” (a topic I wrote about yesterday) you will see the normal organic results in the main window and Yahoo’s very own “blog results” in the right sidebar. The service is labeled as beta, but it is […]
Mobilize Your Blog
I’m not sure if mobilize is a word, but if not, it will become one soon. Not because I used it, because the mobile device is getting more powerful, more common and more useful as a business tool. Blog readers are now subscribing to and reading blogs using mobile phones and PDAs. From what little […]
Access To Your Brilliance – Let me count the ways
People learn in many different ways. Your marketing efforts will benefit if you make it very easy for your prospects to get access to your expertise while giving those so inclined the ability to spread your expertise. When you can create different forms of content and present a strong message coming at your prospects from […]

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On the Road with Duct Tape Marketing
From time to time I get asked to take the Duct Tape Marketing message on the road to share in workshops and trade shows. Recent speaking engagements found me at the Oregon AMA and Iowa SBDC. Coming up, I am talking blogs and new media with the Kansas City Chapter of PRSA, delivering a keynote […]
One person at a time – great teachers are great salespeople
Small business marketing is personal. You don’t market to the masses, you don’t really market to segments, you market, when you’re effective, to one person at a time. Like every great teacher I ever had, I wondered how anyone else in the class learned a thing with all the attention I was receiving. I’m not […]
Yahoo Small Business on Duct Tape Marketing Podcast
I visited this week on the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast with Rich Riliey, VP and General Manager of Yahoo Small Business on the various offerings that Yahoo has for small business owners. I think most people are very aware of the Yahoo products for consumers, but Yahoo is really ramping up its offerings for small […]
Fifty Writing Tools
On more than one occasion I have promoted writing as a master marketing skill. Like any skill it is improved through practice and the proper application of tools. So, what are the right tools? A great place to start is this list of 50 tools for writers from Roy Peter Clark Senior Scholar, Poynter Institute […]