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When It Comes To Blogs, RSS and Podcasts Forget the Numbers
Charlene Li, Forrester Research blogger, reported recently that podcasting is not catching on like people thought it would. (Okay, she said it lot more researchy than that, but that’s the gist.) When you spend too much time analyzing the numbers of a thing you miss so much. Blogs, RSS and podcasts have given small business […]
Search the Spoken Word of Podcast Content
As podcasting grows, so does the need to search and find good podcast content. Several services have cropped up in recent months that allow you to search for specific terms used inside the actual spoken word content of podcasts listed with their directory. The technology allows you to narrow in on and even syndicate shows […]
Memetracking – not just for techies anymore
Memetracking has taken on a bit of a full blown well, meme. First, the definition of meme from wikipedia. Sites that cluster and track trends, topics and news will become very important this year and offer the average small business marketer some of the best aggregated and filtered content going. These services track real-time conversations […]
Small Business Podcasting Demystified
I wrote a fairly comprehensive podcasting 101 primer with lots of links to podcast resources in my weekly email newsletter. The issue generated lots of buzz so I thought my blog readers might want to have a look – Podcasting Demystified
Guide to CSS support in email systems
If you are sending HTML emails in your marketing campaigns (and there’s lots to support that you should) you have probably come across some serious design issues when it comes to using CSS styling. I ran across a very comprehensive article over at Campaign Monitor that outlines what CSS elements, selectors and properties are and […]
A Workshop Secret Weapon
Presenting your expertise in front of a room of potential clients is a very powerful way to generate leads and clients. Think about it. Your prospects are invited, often by someone they respect, to hear an expert speak on a subject they care about. Pretty nice positioning for a sales call if you ask me. […]

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Tom Kulzer on Duct Tape Marketing Podcast
I had an opportunity to discuss email marketing, autoresponders, spam and RSS via email with Tom Kulzer, CEO of AWeber Communications. Listen in on the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast
Duct Tape Review :: LogoWorks
An appropriate logo, and by that I mean one that serves to reinforce what your company stands for and does it in a way that appeals to a chosen target audience, is a foundational marketing element. There are many ways to acquire a strong identifying logo for you business, but of late, more and more […]
FeedBurner on Duct Tape Marketing
I just posted a nice interview with FeedBurner exec Brent Hill on the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast – go have a listen.
Your Readers Don’t Care What the Technology Is Called
Lots has been made of late about whether RSS is catching on with mainstream web surfers. Depending upon who you listen to, only somewhere around 4-5% of Americans know what RSS is – even though they may consume content via this method everyday. I am reading various theories and predictions about the future of RSS, […]