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One person at a time – great teachers are great salespeople
Small business marketing is personal. You don’t market to the masses, you don’t really market to segments, you market, when you’re effective, to one person at a time. Like every great teacher I ever had, I wondered how anyone else in the class learned a thing with all the attention I was receiving. I’m not […]
Yahoo Small Business on Duct Tape Marketing Podcast
I visited this week on the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast with Rich Riliey, VP and General Manager of Yahoo Small Business on the various offerings that Yahoo has for small business owners. I think most people are very aware of the Yahoo products for consumers, but Yahoo is really ramping up its offerings for small […]
Fifty Writing Tools
On more than one occasion I have promoted writing as a master marketing skill. Like any skill it is improved through practice and the proper application of tools. So, what are the right tools? A great place to start is this list of 50 tools for writers from Roy Peter Clark Senior Scholar, Poynter Institute […]
The Why Is Not A River In China
One of the most powerful copy techniques you can employ in your marketing is to tell your reader why you are doing something. I’m having this sale because we overbought. I need to ask your forgiveness because I made a mistake I need your address so I can send you a free gift We package […]
Tell Stories With Numbers and Shut Up About Your Benefits Already
[Okay, maybe a little harsh on the title today. I just want to make a point, get your attention, on a topic that confuses almost every small business marketer I come across – and it’s killing their sales and marketing efforts.] One of the best ways to differentiate your offer or sales pitch from another […]
Writing Is A Master Marketing Skill
Few things are sold without a prospect reading a written word or two. Business owners often ask me what they should be looking for in a marketing assistant and I always say – find someone who can write. Now, let me back up and tell that what I really mean. Find someone who will write. […]

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Do This One Thing Every Day
There are lots of variations on this simple marketing tip, but the theme is always the same – do something well and do it a whole bunch. That’s the one simple truth about marketing. Always has been, always will be. Here’s one of my favorite small business marketing success strategies. Take one rainy Friday afternoon […]
Valuable Content Just Needs A Package
Here’s a quick little tip that may help some small business owners harness the whole content thing. Okay, some background first. Most know that I talk endlessly about the idea of providing (most of the time free) content about some really valuable stuff to your prospects to help cut through the clutter and prove yourself […]
Blogging has tipped
In Malcolm Gladwell’s now famous book, he refers to a phenomenon known as tipping – thus the title, The Tipping Point. He goes on to present some very well documented events that can lead one to understand the precise moment something tipped or became a success, trend, plaque, or simply met with general acceptance. Bob […]
Greatest Sales Letters of All Time
I have always been intrigued with those sales letters that you get over and over again, year after year. Of course, the reason you get these essentially unchanged letters is that they sell tons of product. So what can we learn from this grasshopper?