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Vertical Response adds multi channel tool
The race to be the biggest, baddest, boldest email marketing service is a grueling one. There are a handful of providers that do a lot of things right and would make a very good fit for most small business marketers. So, the decision on using one over another usually lies in a detail or two. […]
Want to cut your ad budget?
Advertising is a very effective way to generate leads, but it remains one of those double edge swords type of things for budget crunched small businesses. On the surface, advertising can represent the single greatest marketing expense – on the other hand, it is how most businesses take it to the next level. So how […]
Why would someone come to work for you?
Most small business marketers think in terms of marketing as a way to get a keep customers. While that is indeed correct, effective marketing is also a great way to attract and keep great talent to your business. No matter how hot your products and services are your growth will be tied very directly to […]
The right list is a big piece of the puzzle
Direct marketing pros will tell you that a great offer, sent to a lousy list, will most likely get lousy results. But finding great mailing lists is tough, particularly for the small business owner. Compiled lists from companies like InfoUSA are better than nothing, but often produce less than desirable results in terms of accuracy […]
The Fine future of media and advertising
I spent some time chatting with Jon Fine, Media columnist for Business Week, for the current episode of the Duct Tape Marketing podcast. If you are not familiar with Jon’s column you should really check it out, Jon is one of the funniest business writers you will encounter – I mean funny as in humor. […]
Exchanging services for advertising
Large advertisers have been doing it for years – buy our product and get a free t-shirt to wear around and help spread the word about our company. I love this type of grass roots promotion and I think small businesses underestimate how a well run promotion involving every customer can turn into a flood […]

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Trick or Trust?
When it comes to direct mail letters, getting the envelope opened is a very big part of the game. I get asked often what should go on the outside of an envelope to get a prospect to open the letter. As always part of that depends on the list. If this letter is being sent […]
Duct Tape for Fun and Profit
As a loyal reader perhaps you are aware that I have a growing library of small business marketing products and tools. From time to time I’ve received requests from other marketers who would like to promote these Duct Tape products and make a little money at the same time. I’ve created the Duct Tape Marketing […]
All Ad Spending To Go Digital
Media Post ran an article this morning quoting a Microsoft exec claiming that within three years most of their $1billion ad spending will be in the digital space. “We’re actually pretty confident that by 2010, the majority of our media mix will shift to digital,” said Mich Mathews, senior vice president of the company’s central […]
Is Your Advertising Too Passive?
Most ads today don’t really ask the reader to do anything. They are too busy trying get them to pay attention and feel something. The most effective advertising a small business can run is advertising that makes the reader take self-interested action. By grabbing your reader, viewer or listener’s attention and making them do something, […]