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Let's Talk About LinkedIn
Okay, like many of my readers I get an invitation to join someone’s network on LinkedIn often. On the surface it looks like a great place for the business person to hang out, but like so many networks, chambers, associations, it’s also easy to get nothing from it. I want to start a discussion on […]
I would be a Judy's Book City Editor if. . .
I owned a retail business, home services repair business, consumer oriented professional services business or sold pretty much anything to homeowners. Social online directories like Judy’s Book are becoming more and more popular as a way to find businesses based on the recommendations of others that live in your community or are looking to solve […]
Talking to Digg CEO – Jay Adelson
I had a great chat with Digg CEO – Jay Adelson on the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast. He gives some hints about what’s coming up next at Digg. Digg is another one of those “came out of nowhere” services that now owns a substantial piece of web real estate. For those not familiar: Digg is […]