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2008 will be the year of the personalized social business network
Look, I don’t really think that the mySpaces and Facebooks of the world are that important for the typical small business as they stand today. There may be very practical business reasons for some to actually use these and other social networks, like LinkedIn, for business gain, but most people that have jumped on the […]
Sometimes a cat will bark
In a rather obvious nod to the great book, Waiting For Your Cat to Bark by the brothers Eisenberg, I would like to suggest that their advice, figuring out what works and doing it better rather than expecting results from something that isn’t natural for people to do, is dead on. But, sometimes you’ve got […]
Could your idea use a blob of money?
Social media sites are really funny animals and as such need really funny names. A new site called Ideablob fits that requirement and is doing something that I find strangely intriguing. Budding entrepreneurs are encouraged to join the site and submit their business ideas and for a chance to win $10,000 towards fulfilling them. Other […]
The definition of branding – video version
I’m playing around with video blogging and using video in general in anticipation of launching my own small business social networking site called The WorkBench. (There will be more on that soon.) Here’s a post from a few days ago in video format. Let me know what you think. (I think!) You can embed this […]
If you can't join them beat them
Google this week announced what seems like a great move in the social network application world called OpenSocial. OpenSocial is a set of common APIs that will work on many different social websites, including MySpace, Plaxo, Hi5, Ning, orkut, and LinkedIn, among others. In addition, this allows developers to learn one API, then write a […]
Graffiti all over Facebook
Graffiti, a simple Facebook application that allows users to add quick, or in some cases elaborate, drawings on Facebook profiles and walls has been an absolute overnight success as far as applications go. The tool gives people a fun way to communicate and offers a lesson for marketers. How can you find and create new […]

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Building Your Own Social Network
Social Networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace are all the rage at the moment for the potential they offer some businesses. They do offer tremendous applications for building community and even building business but these giants also possess some real limitations for most businesses due to the overwhelming size and potentially unfocused nature of […]
A Facebook and Google Reader App for Bloggers
A few weeks ago I wrote a post pointing out the growing usefulness of Facebook as a business tool. It isn’t that I am so enamored with the social network as I am optimistic that the new open platform will allow developers to create some very useful business applications. Today I want to tell you […]
Social Content for Business Geeks
I ran across a new social play called Daily Hub. It seems a bit like a digg with tagging and voting but with a more narrow focus – stuff small business folks might want to read. The site looks promising and I’m going to keep watching, reading and posting to it. A quick read of […]
More On The LinkedIn Conversation
A week or so ago I asked readers to tell me how and why they used LinkedIn. The response was awesome. Here’s the original post and comments The conversation fell out somewhat as I anticipated. Many people just didn’t seem to get much out of it. Successful users explained that it took a fair amount […]