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8 Social Media Hacks to Increase Customer Retention
Many times when businesses talk social media, they’re only talking about social media marketing. By neglecting the other components of social media and focusing only on marketing, businesses aren’t realizing the full potential social media has to offer their business in terms of building long-term relationships with their customers. In this blog, I want to […]
Running a Christmas Sale Using a Small AdWords Budget
It’s no news that the holidays increases sales, however, one of the drawbacks of the holiday season is the increases of competition and marketers. So we’ve put together a list of marketing tips that will help you get the most out of your Christmas sale and on a budget. We’ve focused our actions list of Search […]
The Inbound Myth
Inbound marketing is a topic that’s getting tons of attention these days, and for good reason: inbound has had a dramatic impact on the business landscape. The core of inbound is this: create valuable content for your prospects and put it in places (on social media, websites, publications, and search terms) where they hang out. […]
Social Customer Service Metrics: 3 Case Studies
How has marketing changed thanks to social media? Well, now 90% of customers are influenced by online reviews. Some companies cringe when they hear this: The decision whether to buy can come down to a good or bad Yelp review. And we all know some customers can be finicky, their opinions arbitrary and skewed. But […]
3 KPIs to Track For Your Social Media Success
If you’re in business and you’re not harnessing the power of social media you need to jump on that bandwagon now. If you are using social media marketing as a channel to grow your business, awesome! But do you know how it’s working for your business? You might be posting a video here or there […]
From Confused to Expert Tracker: How to Use Metrics to Grow Your Business
New coaches and entrepreneurs are often freaked out by tracking and metrics, but it’s the best way to grow quickly. Here’s how to easily track your success. When you start your business, you need to be super focused on engaging new, potential clients and generating revenue; so that you actually put money in the bank. […]

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How to Clean Up Your Data Wasteland
We live in a data-driven world. Even our most basic activities—like exercising and sleeping—have become subjects for tracking and analysis. With constant access to apps and technology that gather detailed information about our lives, it’s easy to become inundated with information that we don’t know how to allocate. The same is true when it comes […]
5 Tips For Improving Franchise SEO Rankings
If you are a franchise owner, or even the owner of a multiple-location local business, search engine optimization has its own set of issues and challenges for your business. The truth is that there are more brands than ever competing for search engine visibility.  Having corporate-backing from a franchise model doesn’t always help with local […]
5 KPIs that All Local Businesses Should Track On Your KPI Dashboard – And 5 They Shouldn't
There is a wealth of data that local businesses can and should be tracking in order to ensure that they are properly armed to make better business decisions. But which metrics should you track? All of them? No! If data isn’t actionable or useful, don’t waste your time. A KPI is a key performance indicator […]
Instagram Lead Generation – The Ultimate Guide
Instagram is not just for images of coffee, fluffy dogs, and your breakfast. Though it is awesome for all of those, it has the highest user/brand interaction rate, 1.53% of the 150 million users in 2013 to be precise, significantly higher than Facebook’s measly 0.10%, as shown by Neil Patel’s infographic here. I think it is […]