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Three Inexpensive Online Marketing Techniques Your Business Should Utilize
How you market your business to potential and existing customers is critical to your success. Your marketing efforts need to be timely, relevant and within your budget so you can attract the people you want and keep current customers loyal to your brand. Companies, now more than ever, are looking to internet marketing to create […]
10 Useful Tools for Email Marketers
Email marketing is not dead. While the technologies and rules have changed from 10 years ago, email marketing is still a highly effective medium for communicating your brand’s message via the internet. Research indicates that 91% of consumers check their emails at least once a day and 44% of email recipients made a purchase last […]
Using Marketing Automation Tools to Boost Your Customer Referral Program
The benefits of referral marketing have been recognized for a long time. Compared to traditional advertising, a positive referral from a happy customer is one of the most valuable forms of marketing. People pay twice as much attention to recommendations from friends and family members than any other source, according to the Wharton Business School. […]
The Panama Papers and WordPress Security
WordPress is without a doubt the best, most flexible platform for a small business website. We suggest it for every business we work with, and half of the tools we recommend are WordPress plugins or add-ons. Simply put, if you aren’t using WordPress for your website, you are missing out on tons of functionality. But, […]
WordPress Plays a Key Role in Improving Reviews and Ratings
Blogging is a great way to let your inner author awaken. The best part about blogging is that you don’t have to stick to a set of topics or even a theme. Even if you own a food blog, you can create a post or two about travelling. WordPress is one of the leading websites […]
Four Things to Do Before Emailing an Influencer
It’s a common scenario: you find an influencer on social media, and you want to contact them for a project. Maybe you think they would make a great guest blogger, or you just want to feature their story on your site. But is it time for a cold email yet? Cold emailing is still effective […]

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10 Reasons Why People Don’t Trust Your Website
Let’s face it, most of us are skeptical when we visit a business website for the first time. We inherently distrust information on the Internet – unless it comes from trusted sources. It’s just the way it is. This is why it is essential for your small business website to convince new visitors that you […]
7 High-Octane Strategies to Boost Site Speed and Leave Competitors in the Dust!
They teach fighter pilots “speed is life.” When you have speed, you can convert it into height anytime. This extra height gives you more time to think and act, which can save your life! I’m using this analogy because just like an aircraft’s speed, your site’s speed is critical for a great user experience and […]
Four Steps to Launching an Email Marketing Campaign
Email marketing is a creative technique businesses have long used to reach people who could potentially be interested in their company. To some, the idea is outdated and social media is considered king for appealing to customers and clients. However, despite changes in the marketing world, email marketing still is a powerful tool business owners […]
The Secret to Discovering the Top Converting Marketing Channels for Your Business
You switch off the computer, put your phone on silent and look at the blank sheet of paper on your desk. It’s a big moment – you’ll need absolute silence to concentrate. Planning your marketing spend for the next 12 months is no mean feat. How do you choose where to focus? Facebook seems to […]