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9 Reasons to Implement Your Social Media Employee Advocacy Program Today (And The Necessary Tools to Do It)
Just as the adage goes, brands are what people say they are. If you looked closely at giants like Starbucks and Whole Foods, you would notice that they have communities built around their brands. The first community that you belong to professionally, is your work community. As entrepreneurs, business executives or marketing leads are you […]
Tapping into Your Franchise’s Local Audience via Social Media
For many people looking to get into the world of business ownership, purchasing a franchise is the ideal situation. You’re able to get behind an established brand, and you have access to proven marketing materials that will give you an advantage over starting a business from scratch. Of course, the lifeblood of any great franchise […]
5 Visual Storytelling Trends That are Shaping The Future of Communication
Visual storytelling is one of the most potent forms of communication in existence today. From films and virtual reality experiences to interactive games and data visualizations, visual stories are revolutionizing the way we persuade audiences with our messages. While brands and marketers have generally lagged behind filmmakers and the media in the visual storytelling department, […]
When Automation Goes Wrong: A Better Approach to Social Media
Given the sheer scale of social media and the number of social channels (there are over 90 social networks) – and the volume of people using them (Facebook has over 1.59 billion active monthly users) – you could say it’s a bit of a chore keeping up with everything. Between monitoring, posting, and staying engaged, […]
5 Reasons Why Your Brand Should Have a Following
Have you ever noticed how so many major corporations produce commercials that focus more on their brand name rather than an actual product? At first, this might lead to some head-scratching—after all, isn’t the product what they’re selling? Yes and no. The reason you see so many of these branding efforts is because a recognizable […]
7 Ways to Get More Podcast Subscribers
I’ve been podcasting now for over ten years and I still crave new subscribers. Now, don’t get me wrong, the benefits of podcasting for me are so strong I would do it even if no one subscribed, but exposure is one key reason to put in the time and effort (although it’s not that much […]

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The Clear-Cut Guide to Social Media Engagement
As of 2016, there’s estimated to be 2.3 billion active social media users — nearly 1/3 of the global population. While this eye-popping statistic presents obvious marketing potential, determining how your business can capitalize on it is decidedly less clear. What every small business owner and marketing professional should know is that engagement is the […]
Why Social Media Isn’t Working and What to Do About It
Social media as a way of life is approaching ten. Already there have been proclamations of its supreme awesomeness accompanied by more recent claims of its demise. But look, here’s the deal – social media isn’t dead – it’s just fed up with how it’s being abused. I wrote this post – Why Social Media […]
Three Inexpensive Online Marketing Techniques Your Business Should Utilize
How you market your business to potential and existing customers is critical to your success. Your marketing efforts need to be timely, relevant and within your budget so you can attract the people you want and keep current customers loyal to your brand. Companies, now more than ever, are looking to internet marketing to create […]
5 Free Social Media Management Tools to Make Your Life Easier
Taking care of your social media presence is just as important as providing brilliant content for your audience. Not only do you inform them about things they might find useful, but you can also interact with them and receive valuable feedback and ideas for topics, connect with other people in your field and establish collaboration, […]