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Small Businesses Must Make Data Privacy a Priority
Society’s concern with data and privacy (or the lack thereof) has been brought to the forefront due to the FBI-Apple controversy. In short, the FBI wants Apple’s help breaking into an iPhone that belonged to one of the attackers in the December mass shooting in San Bernardino, Calif. Apple is refusing to comply, since it […]
Five Tips for Using Local Networking Groups to Grow Your Business
In today’s digital world, the hot topics in the small business marketing industry tend to be things like SEO, responsive web design, pay-per-click advertising, and of course whatever the latest fad in social media happens to be in any particular week. Of course all of these things are important and have a role to play […]
Building Trust for Online Referral Marketing Campaigns
Running an online business can be difficult and expensive; you have to worry about managing ad campaigns and monitoring your budget. If this is not done properly, your business could fail. Having a referral marketing program is a great way to reduce marketing costs and increase the profitability of your business. Referral marketing involves your […]
Five Essential Elements of a Terrible Small Business Ad
Last week, when I opened my mailbox, I found a relic from a bygone era.  It’s one of those things that shouldn’t really exist anymore outside of a marketing museum, and yet somehow does—a great testament to the power of tradition, perhaps.  I am speaking, of course, of the printed business phone directory—the famous “yellow […]
The Components of a Good Marketing Strategy
There is hardly a small business owner who is not obsessed with this term: marketing strategy. That’s the main aspect that makes the difference between successful entrepreneurs and those that fail. It’s strange how everyone cares about discovering the perfect marketing techniques for their business, but we don’t bother realizing what marketing strategy really means. […]
5 Ways to Jumpstart your Marketing Strategy in 2016
It’s resolution time: You’ve already been to the gym this morning You haven’t eaten anything bad for you (but tastes so good!) in at least 24 hours You’re actively thinking about your Marketing Strategy right now Great!  Let’s build on that last one (I have a hard enough time with the other two myself…) The […]

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Four Ways Your Business Can Give Back in 2016
Being January, it’s the time of year when many of us set goals for the year and make some New Year’s resolutions pertaining to our businesses.  Perhaps we have a certain amount of revenue we’d like to earn in 2016, a product or service we’d like to begin offering, or some content we’d like to […]
Why (and how) you should let your customers do the advertising for you
I grew up in the nineties, and my parents weren’t big on technology. My first computer had a 486 processor with a monochrome screen, it ran DOS, and it had Chessmaster 3000 on it. It was given to me by the people who owned the used bookstore in town after it had finally become too […]
Why creating an eco-system of partner businesses is worth the effort
Partnership marketing can be really effective for small businesses who want to get in front of new relevant audiences. It involves creating collaborations that are relevant to the customer. This last bit is crucial. Relevance can mean that there’s compatibility between what both businesses sell. Or compatibility in their culture, ethics and beliefs.   If […]
5 Tips to Prepare Yourself for an Entrepreneurial Burnout Threat
There are several areas an entrepreneur needs to shred for getting a better position in the game before the risk itself devours him whole. The entrepreneurial spirit must be kept alive and the fire kindled from time to time so doesn’t die out of hope and exhaustion. If you’re too cocky to say yes almost […]