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Why You Should Use Remarketing Tactics to Grow Your Business
What is remarketing? Remarketing is a way to reconnect with potential customers who have visited your website. Whether you realize it or not you have probably been remarketed to before. Have you ever been to a website and then started seeing their banners everywhere? That’s remarketing. Previous to your visit, the company that owned that […]
The Inbound Myth
Inbound marketing is a topic that’s getting tons of attention these days, and for good reason: inbound has had a dramatic impact on the business landscape. The core of inbound is this: create valuable content for your prospects and put it in places (on social media, websites, publications, and search terms) where they hang out. […]
What is Cyber Monday, and What Can it Mean for Your Business?
This morning, the Monday morning after Thanksgiving in the United States, is one of the least productive business mornings in America. Employees across the country (and even around the world) are pulling out their credit cards and giving their employers headaches as they complete their holiday shopping. In fact, you’ve probably even stumbled across this […]
5 of the Best Tools to Track and Measure Your Domain’s Social Impact
No matter what type of business you own, it is definitely in your best interests to not only have a website but to also take the time to track your domain’s social impact. After all, a website alone no longer provides a strong enough Internet presence to push your site toward the top of Google’s search […]
The 5 Top Customer Metrics You Need To Track
Metrics are the lifeblood of almost every successful business. Understanding who your customers are, what they need and how you can serve them is the key not just to growing a business, but keeping the clients you have happy. Fortunately, the Internet makes collecting metrics remarkably simple. From web analytics to financial tools, it’s possible […]
Social Customer Service Metrics: 3 Case Studies
How has marketing changed thanks to social media? Well, now 90% of customers are influenced by online reviews. Some companies cringe when they hear this: The decision whether to buy can come down to a good or bad Yelp review. And we all know some customers can be finicky, their opinions arbitrary and skewed. But […]

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How to Clean Up Your Data Wasteland
We live in a data-driven world. Even our most basic activities—like exercising and sleeping—have become subjects for tracking and analysis. With constant access to apps and technology that gather detailed information about our lives, it’s easy to become inundated with information that we don’t know how to allocate. The same is true when it comes […]
These 3 Email Subject Lines Will Kill Your Chances of Winning a New Customer
How many times have you gotten an email from a salesperson with one of these three subject lines? “Checking In” “Touching Base” “Following Up” I’ve received dozens of emails like this and am guilty of sending a whole bunch of them too. Think about it: aren’t these just euphemisms for “Wanna buy my stuff?” What to […]
Marketing Metrics – They Will Make You or Break You
Your business’ lifeblood is its customers. In order to gain enough customers to keep your business growing, you need to attract people’s attention; this requires a solid marketing campaign. However, we regularly see marketers making the mistake of thinking that a “good” marketing campaign means flooding various channels with clever advertisements. In truth, though, good […]
5 Easy Steps to Nailing a Sale
If you would have told me 10 years ago that I would enjoy being in sales, I would have laughed. I am the opposite of pushy, don’t love speaking in front of large groups, and only want what is best for people. Looking back, that thinking came from me not fully understanding what it takes […]