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Completely low tech and I love it
Every now and again in this web 2.0 world it’s refreshing to come across something that gets your attention and is decidedly not web 2.0. One of the staples of some Duct Tape Marketers is the business card strategically placed on community boards in coffee shops and grocery stores. It’s not the right play for […]
Award winning brand marketer talks about small business
In this week’s episode of the Duct Tape Marketing podcast I went to a really big business that is doing a great job marketing to small business. Marcy Shinder, VP of Brand Marketing and Strategy for OPEN from American Express, spent some time talking about the ways AMEX is connecting with small business. B2B Magazine […]
David vs Goliath isn't always that dramatic
A few days ago I wrote about how the smallmarts of the world compete with much larger companies. Then a story appeared in the Kansas City Star that really hit home and I couldn’t pass up revisiting this idea. There is a small coffeehouse in Kansas City’s Westport District called the Broadway Cafe. Broadway is […]
How the smallmarts compete
Many an industry has been rocked or merely put away by the big box stores. Some of the businesses that go by the wayside when a large competitor moves to town really had no business hanging around anyway. As soon as a choice of any kind came around, they were doomed. But what about the […]
Are we in a small business recession?
I conducted a pair of “in the field” Duct Tape Marketing podcasts this week with two small business experts digging into the current state of small business. Rieva Lesonsky is the editor of Entrepreneur magazine and past guest on the show and Jim Blasingame is the small business advocate and creator of the web site […]
NYC doing small business right
It’s amazing what having an entrepreneurial mayor can do for the focus on small business in a city. I’m speaking at the Small Business Summit today in New York City. The Summit is a gathering of Federal, State and Local agencies that serve small business such as the SBA, SCORE, SBDC and the NYC Department […]

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Thinking of starting a small business?
I started my own business 22 years ago. (Hey, I’m not as young as I look!) At the time it felt more like insubordination than anything else. Today, it’s a full out revolution. Have you joined? Why not? I created this little, perhaps corny, mix that I hope pushes people thinking about starting to do […]
The definition of branding
One of my readers pointed out that they really appreciated the definition of marketing that I use throughout Duct Tape Marketing. Marketing is getting someone who has a need to know, like and trust you. Most small business folks, exposed only to more academic definitions, really seem to appreciate the truthfulness of that characterization. This […]
Can your phone service make you a better marketer?
I spent a few minutes with Siamak Taghaddos, CEO and founder of GotVMail for a recent episode of the Duct Tape Marketing podcast. GotVMail is a virtual phone service provider that targets small entrepreneurial firms. Virtual phone services, meaning online services that take the place of the old PBX phone system, are great for small […]
Small Business Teleconference Call
I will be conducting a live teleconference over at the Quickbooks Community site next Wednesday, August 29th at 1pm PDT. You can enroll for the call here Small Business Teleconference Call The format will be pretty wide open so go on over and submit your marketing questions today. Intuit is quietly putting together some great […]