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Wasted Real Estate and Other Web Site Challenges
I wrote a few weeks ago about the effective use of those pesky 404 error pages because, while broken links aren’t any fun, they happen and there’s a better way to handle them when they do. Today I want to talk about another often forgotten, and therefor underutilized, set of pages – the successful action […]
One Click Online Meetings with Zipcast
Slideshare, the online presentation sharing service, kind of rocked the online meeting space last week with the introduction of a very nice virtual meeting/presentation tool called Zipcast that’s getting a lot of buzz. Zipcast allows users to start a virtual meeting from any slides they’ve uploaded to Slideshare and present that meeting to an unlimited […]
The New SEO is About Relationships and Relevance
Last week Google announced an official update to Social Search – something they’ve been playing around with for some time now. The idea behind social search is that if a Google account user does a search for something they will get the most relevant results according to Google now mixed in with results that Google […]
Getting Creative with the New Facebook Page Image Ribbon
Since last week’s sweeping changes to Facebook Pages people have been scrambling to unearth all the little tricks that the new format affords. One of the bigger changes from a look a feel standpoint involves the placement of five recently updated images along the top of the Wall page. The images are now one of […]
Making Local Reviews Part of the Content Strategy
Reviews from customers must be seen as an important part of the overall content strategy for any business, particularly local businesses. The fact that prospects have begun to expect to find reviews and rely heavily on those reviews when making buying decisions combined with the data that suggests search engines seem to be using reviews […]
Introducing Local Search Pro
If you’re even a casual reader of this blog, I’m pretty sure you’ve noticed that I’ve been writing about local search a lot. It’s not that I think it’s this year’s hot topic, I’ve been writing about it for years, it just seems like small businesses are finally getting around to realizing the importance of […]

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Doing the 404 Two Step
Broken links and dead ends on your website are bad form. They cost you potential customers, erode a little trust and, if left unattended, can tweak search engines enough to downgrade your site a bit. Hey I’m not scolding, this is one of those thankless little tasks that I’m just a guilty as the next […]
Rethinking Keywords and Mobile
Google mobile search and Google search are two different animals and understanding more about both has become a necessary evil. Currently, the results returned when doing a search on a mobile device can vary greatly from those done on a desktop (SEORoundtable) The biggest difference being that Google figures if you’re on a mobile it’s […]
Using Powerpoint to Create Web Graphics in a Flash
Look, if you’re a graphic designer or even someone that knows their way around Photoshop, today’s post may appall, but that won’t stop me from sharing what I think is a pretty useful little tip. Powerpoint is a software tool that is much maligned – mostly because of the scary ways we’ve either employed it […]
How to Reveal Fan Only Content on Facebook
One cool little trick that marketers often use on Facebook is to hold back content for “Fans” only. The pull behind this is that you can then give a little perk and encourage folks to “Like” your page and become a fan. There are 3rd party apps like those from North Social or Wildfire that […]