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The Complete Small Business Marketer’s SEO Toolkit
Business owners and marketers don’t necessarily need to become SEO experts, but they do need to equip themselves with enough knowledge, data and access to simple SEO tools to allow them to understand how and why one site ranks higher over another, what’s holding a site back and the most important ways to quickly analyze […]
When Free Becomes Free For All – 5 Reasons Free Is Hurting Us All
My post on OPENForum this week sparked somewhat heated debate, so I thought I would continue this conversation here. (The entire post in question can be read below) What I’m suggesting mostly is that it’s not that giving away free content or hosting free online seminars is a bad thing. I do it and expect […]
My Very Initial Take on Empire Avenue
The latest shiny object to grab the buzz of the online marketers and social media set is something called Empire Avenue. As you know, I like to jump into many new things to stir around and see if I can find practical value to share with my readers and I usually don’t write about something […]
Let's Stop Being So Rude
I have to admit this post is in response to something that happened last night and I’ll try not to rant too much. In an effort to help a confused individual that requested our help via email (understand this was not a customer, just a weary traveler) we asked a couple clarifying questions to try […]
What to Leave In, What to Leave Out
In case that headline sounds a little familiar, it’s taken from the lyrics of the Bob Seger song – Against the Wind. I heard this over the weekend and it seemed like the perfect way to frame one of the biggest marketing challenges we face – how to communicate what we do in a way […]
Where Is The Facebook About Us Page
As Facebook Pages become a standard business and branding tool marketers are getting much more sophisticated with how they present their information on Facebook. One element that I don’t see much movement in though is the typical About Us kind of page that we’ve all grown familiar with on most Web sites. (You should probably […]

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Can Doing Good and Making Money Go Hand in Hand
This post is one of a series of posts sponsored by UPS in support of the Inc Growco Conference held April 6-8 in Las Vegas, NV The category of for profit social enterprise is a rather unique one still. The idea of blending social mission with a business that happens to make money is hard […]
Adding the Facebook Like Button Revisited
I wrote a post about Facebook Like buttons some time ago, but a few things have changed and I thought it might be time to further clarify this play. Adding the Facebook Like button to web pages and blog posts has become even more beneficial as Facebook has consolidated many of the various social actions […]
5 Ways to Benefit from Real Time Data
Every businessperson knows that good data makes you smarter. Well, a truer statement might be that an accurate analysis of the right data can make a company smarter, but lack of any data can be fatal. Using a tool like Google Analytics is one way that many businesses monitor and analyze traffic coming to their […]
WordPress 3.1 Is Big Leap Into CMS
Regular readers to this blog know that I’m a WordPress fan. You may have noticed that I updated the look of the blog with a new theme. At that time I also converted the entire site to WordPress – a feat that I think shows off the power and flexibility of this publishing tool to […]