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Directory Assistance As A Local Advertising Vehicle
I know I’m on a bit of a local Internet advertising thread here, but I find these new channels absolutely fascinating. An alert reader, Scott Aughtmon, pointed out another new local advertising ply call is taking advantage of the fact that most of the phone service providers are now charging anywhere from $1-$3 […]
The Mobile Phone as a Local Marketing Tool
I think that 2006 will be the year that the mobile phone will make great strides as a local marketing tool. Early adopters have been using the mobile phone’s Internet access and browsing features for some time, but as the web access is built into lower end phones and search engines all make deals with […]
Pay per call advertising is a powerful local marketing tool
Pay per call advertising is picking up some serious steam. So much so that I am currently writing a full report on the subject for release soon. Pay per call, like its better known cousin pay per click, is advertising that generates a billable event only when the reader of the ad does something – […]
Podcast Interviews cranking up
As some of you may know I have started a marketing podcast site to compliment this blog. I feature interviews with marketing experts, thought leaders, authors and regular old small business owners with a hot marketing tip to share. This week I am recording calls with Robert Scoble – Scobleizer publisher and author of Naked […]