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Live Content is Rising in Popularity
At the beginning of 2016, everybody was talking about how big video will be and how important it will become for every small, medium business or even enterprise. And as we can see, the video has become a big challenge for many brands out there that try to get some results with their content marketing […]
To Outsource or to Not Outsource – Now That is a Question
Content marketing has experienced a clear and sharp increase in popularity over the last few years and who can be surprised when content marketing costs roughly 62% less than traditional marketing and generates almost three times more leads? Not only is it cost effective, but content marketing also provides a wealth of benefits such as […]
Take Complete Charge of Your Content
In 2016, content was in supreme power expected to be delivered in the form of compelling, personalized and interactive stuff that can be rated well and ranked high in all search engines. Overall, the strategy of content marketing saw a significant shift in 2016 compared to a year ago. The year 2017 is predictable. Brands, big […]
The Marriage of Content & Images for Local SEO
When we think of search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM), we usually focus on online traffic. However, at the Google Performance Summit this past May, the search engine giant shared several important statistics in terms of local search: Nearly a third of mobile searches are related to location. Location-related searches have been […]
5 Ways to Monetize Your Content in the Age of Facebook and Google Dominance
Smart marketers know they need to build a presence on the information giants, Facebook and Google, to remain relevant in today’s digital age. Facebook and Google currently dominate online advertising, search, and traffic. The problem many businesses face is that the two companies constantly change their algorithms making it difficult for businesses to be found. […]
Live Video is King: How To Use It Without Going Broke
As you may have heard from industry events like NABShow and Social Media Marketing World, marketing dollars are switching from broadcast TV to live video streaming for more creative and targeted visual advertising. What makes a live video so effective and attractive to brands? Some illuminating statistics: 90% of users say that seeing a video […]

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Two Ways User-Generated Content Can Keep Your Brand Relevant
In today’s digital age of marketing, brands are focusing on User-Generated Content (UGC) campaigns to improve their web performance and increase organic responses. User-Generated Content refers to any form of online content such as a Tweet, Snap, Facebook status, Instagram post, or blog that contain authentic opinions about a service or product as experienced by […]
5 Visual Storytelling Trends That are Shaping The Future of Communication
Visual storytelling is one of the most potent forms of communication in existence today. From films and virtual reality experiences to interactive games and data visualizations, visual stories are revolutionizing the way we persuade audiences with our messages. While brands and marketers have generally lagged behind filmmakers and the media in the visual storytelling department, […]
Blogging Your Way To a More Powerful Brand
The best thing about a blog is that just having one is a step towards creating a more powerful, recognizable brand.Many businesses use content marketing through blogging a major part of their strategy, so you are already ahead of the game Many businesses use content marketing through blogging a major part of their strategy, so […]
How to Create a Style Guide With Authority
How do you maintain a consistent level of quality across all of the content on your site? In order to provide a solid baseline for content for your site, a well documented and easy to follow style guide is necessary. One of the most important parts of maintaining consistent branding across your site is a […]