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PR Folks Can Take Back The Marketing Message
I wrote an article for PRWeek Magazine that outlines how public relations professionals can take advantage of new media technology to take control of a bigger share of the marketing mix. Blogs are about conversations with customers and nothing is more open honest and transparent from a marketing message standpoint than a simple conversation. I […]
Get more from a press release
Some PR folks will tell you that press releases are a waste of time. I guess that comes from all those lazy PR folks out there that didn’t get any results from mindlessly blasting boring press releases to the media masses. But that’s not really the point of this post. (I’m only picking on the […]
News You Can Use
You may know a little about Yahoo and Google News but, you may not be seeing those two services for the true potential they have. First, let’s start with the basics. Here are the links to Google News and Yahoo News. On the surface they look like any news reporting site giving out the day’s […]
Free Press Release Distribution Resources
I’m a big fan of PR. I’m also a big fan of PRWeb when it come to putting press releases out to the world. But, there is a growing list of alternative PR resources. One of my BlogLightning students, BZ Riger-Hull of Spiritual Marketing (means she purchased BlogLightning and built her blog in a flash) […]
Duct Tape Marketing In Entrepreneur Magazine
The Duct Tape Marketing Blog and Web site appear right under an interview with Seth Godin in the July Issue of Entrepreneur Magazine I just can’t seem to shake the guy! From the magazine’s Sell Buzz Feature: Quick Pick – For growing businesses in search of some great marketing ideas, Duct Tape Marketing is a […]
Best Small Business Marketing Blog Nomination Time
The savvy marketing folks over at Marketing Sherpa are once again hosting their Best Blog Awards – they are currently taking nominations until May 15th. Duct Tape Marketing won last year’s award for “Best Small Business Marketing Blog” I would love to be considered for that award again this year. If you would like to […]

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Online PR Teleseminar with PRWeb
I am continueing my series of small business marketing teleseminars this week with Online PR featuring Mick Jolly of PRWeb Understanding the power of Online PR or Earning Free Media Exposure Session #6 – Wednesday, Apr 6th – Noon Central Time (GMT -6) Understanding the power of Online PR or How To Earn Free Media […]
Ads or Articles – It’s a matter of trust
Many times when someone sees what he or she believe Is advertising, the radar screen goes up. Immediately, a bit of mistrust comes into play. When they read an article that speaks about the very same subject, often times, they begin to develop a bond of trust with the expert who authored the piece. In […]
Does Your Web Site Have Bad Breath
So many businesses throw up a web site and then never ever change one single thing about it. Eventually, the content gets stale and the site develops “content halitosis.” Some new content syndication technology just makes this a crime. There are many sources that can provide your web site with daily news feeds and keyword […]
Instant Press Release?
Warning: I offer you a free software program at the end of this entry! Do not read if you don’t like free stuff. The good old press release is still one of the stock tools for any business that wants to use public relations as a key lead generation tool. I know a lot of […]