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A Little PR Tip
One of the ways to get more PR is to get some PR. Press mentions, even little ones, tend to build PR momentum for you. If you are just getting started using PR as a lead generation tool you can’t expect to land the big feature story you are after right out of the gate. […]
Add a 2 x 12 To Your Foundation
Many small businesses would benefit greatly from a couple actions, done routinely. So that’s the 2 x 12 reference in the title – do these two things 12 times a year (as in once a month) and your business will benefit greatly. Action #1 – Create a list of journalists that cover your business type, […]
Give Your Clients Success Tools
Mark Collier owner of dmc Design and one of my readers contacted me a few days ago to ask if he could use a tool I created as resource for one of his design clients. The tool is something I created a few years ago and don’t promote enough myself. It’s something I call the […]
Entrepreneurs Panel at USA TODAY
Jim Hopkins, small business columnist for USATODAY, is pitching his Entrepreneurs Panel — a virtual advisory group of business owners and their allies who are often quoted in USA TODAY and on his blog. Have a look and sign-up!
Journalists Don't Like to be Sold To . . .
But They Do Like to Buy. Does the title of this post sound a bit familiar? Journalists, like prospects for your products and services, should be viewed as someone you are trying to convert to your ideas. A prospective journalist should be targeted, educated and given the opportunity to raise their hand and ask you […]
PRWeb's Mick Jolly on the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast
I conducted a great interview with Mick Jolly, Executive VP of PRWeb on the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast site. PRWeb has long been a great choice for small businesses looking to distribute press releases, but in recent months PRWeb has been adding some Internet based services that allow even greater reach. PRWeb has transformed the […]

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A List of PR Blogs Worth a Visit
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How To Write A Great Press Release
I get lots of requests for information on both writing and correctly formatting press releases. While a press release is not the only tool you need in your PR toolbox, it is still an effective one in some instances. I’ve created a free online tool that will walk anyone through the steps of creating a […]
Podcasting Press Releases from PRWeb
I’ve mentioned press release distribution services offered by PRWeb before. I think they have a great service that allows small business owners to get potential media exposure while also creating links back to a web site by way of syndicated press releases. Today, PRWeb announced a premium feature upgrade called PRWeb Podcast. Now if you […]
7 Steps to the Perfect Media Interview
So, what happens when all of your PR activity actually prompts a reporter to call for an interview? Getting the interview is only one-half of the deal. Follow the steps below, and you are more likely to turn your interview into a powerful marketing tool. Set Goals for the Interview When a reporter calls to […]