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The Press Release Triple Threat
PR is great, it’s not free, it’s earned, but when it is, it packs some very nice ROI. One strategy that small business owners should employ is to take their PR message online and directly to the prospect by consistent use of the age old tool, the press release. Creating and distributing press releases was […]
The 3 Cs of Lead Generation
Lead generation is a numbers game and a momentum game. Generally speaking there is no one magic way to generate a tons of leads. Granted, for some businesses there are more effective ways, but on the whole long-term effective lead generation comes down to a combination of advertising, public relations and a systematic approach to […]
Talk and listen to the media
NB: This is step 4 of a 5 step series – Step into 2008 with more fun. In the previous step in this series I asked you to use the conversations you had with your customers to craft your marketing story to help illustrate how your firm was unique. (Click to see the entire series) […]
Step into 2008 with more fun
Over the course of the next 5 posts or so I am going to outline a five step plan aimed at helping you have more fun when it comes to marketing your business in 2008. You are in the marketing business, no matter what you sell, no matter what you think, might as well get […]
The proper way to stalk a journalist – video version
A full fledged feature story about your company in a major publication can put you on the map. But, there’s a right way and a wrong way to build relationships with journalists. Follow the tips presented in the following video so you don’t come off acting like a stalker. Video Topic: The Proper Way to […]
The proper way to stalk a journalist
First off the title of this post was meant to get attention, I only mean stalking in it’s most polite form of course. You know you need to get your story told in the media, but you can’t seem to get anyone interested. The problem is you need to look at journalists as a target […]

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Every Media Mention Counts
Sometimes to get the PR ball rolling you’ve just got to get a little press. It doesn’t matter if that ends up being a mention in the neighborhood business association’s newsletter. Work every angle when you are just getting started and eventually you will start build up some steam. Think about alumni newsletters (.edu links […]
Small Business Newspapers Growing in Popularity
Almost every major community has some sort of small business publication these days and they can be great tools for reaching other small business owners. At a time when newspapers in general are seeing a real nosedive in readership and ad dollars, these kinds of niche publications are flourishing. Kansas City has a great one […]
Scott, you make your own luck, Ginsberg
Scott Ginsberg, the nametag guy, hit a marketing home run with this little piece that ran on 20/20 last week. Way to go Scott! Scott is experiencing tremendous success, but listen to the part where he talks about hard work and persistence. Scott appeared on my podcast a few months ago – are the two […]
Small Business and Marketing Online
In the last few weeks I’ve conducted interviews with the mainstream publications below. The discussion about what to do online or, for that matter, whether to do it at all, is still pretty wide open I think. Forbes – 6 Marketing tactics worth paying for Fortune Small Business – 4 Ways to market your business […]