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6 Case Studies That Show How and Why to Focus on Building Consumer Trust
If you’re tired of trying to crank out endless marketing initiatives and manage the high costs of advertising in hopes of generating returns, you’re not alone. Marketers everywhere are struggling to keep up engagement with their audience. But perhaps paid advertising isn’t where your focus should be. Here are six brands that used simple, even […]
6 Web Design Tips to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment
After putting a ton of thought into your sales offers, it can be disheartening to have customers abandon the shopping cart at the point of sale. However, the problem might not be in your offerings, but instead in your web design. To improve your conversion rate and avoid high cart abandonment statistics on your site, […]
Spam Laws, Email Marketing, and Compliance
Every year, governments increase restrictions on unsolicited email. With new restrictions also comes harsher penalties when laws are broken. Here, we’ll give you a quick refresher on where spam laws stand both nationally and internationally, and how your business can avoid costly mistakes. CAN-SPAM Act This act, passed in 2003, establishes guidelines for sending behavior, […]
Why You Must Act Now to Become the #1Rated Provider in Your Area
It’s no secret that getting positive ratings and reviews about your business on third-party websites is an important part of marketing these days. Study after study has confirmed that a majority of consumers trust online reviews of local businesses and use those reviews when making buying decisions.  However, despite all the press about the importance […]
How to Recover From Mistakes and Appease Unhappy Clients
Few things are as stressful for a business owner or customer support representative as an angry client. A bad review can harm your business’ reputation and drive off future customers, and an irate person on the phone can make it challenging to keep your emotions calm and the conversation constructive. The way in which you […]
Relationship Building : How to Expand Business Network
A relationship building activity in business is a far cry from building personal relationships. Yet, business relationships do have some similarities that clearly require good interpersonal skills and communication. When it is time to expand a business network, it takes a bit of planning and design to affect seamless relationship building activities. To learn how […]

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Building Trust for Online Referral Marketing Campaigns
Running an online business can be difficult and expensive; you have to worry about managing ad campaigns and monitoring your budget. If this is not done properly, your business could fail. Having a referral marketing program is a great way to reduce marketing costs and increase the profitability of your business. Referral marketing involves your […]
Growth Could Kill Your Company!
When Alina Martin took over her father’s small company in 2007 it had been ticking along, growing slowly for several years. The company, Danatec, sold paper-based course materials for corporate trainers to use in safety training of employees. Martin could see that online learning had potential. Her father wasn’t convinced, nor were her salespeople. How […]
The 5 Top Customer Metrics You Need To Track
Metrics are the lifeblood of almost every successful business. Understanding who your customers are, what they need and how you can serve them is the key not just to growing a business, but keeping the clients you have happy. Fortunately, the Internet makes collecting metrics remarkably simple. From web analytics to financial tools, it’s possible […]
Why Smart Technology Use is the Key to Better Customer Marketing Data
If you haven’t already heard, 2015 is the year big data became a ubiquitous business necessity. Whether used for operational efficiencies or customer information, the benefits of big data are limitless. For manufacturers, data from warranty product registrations has the potential to be a gold mine for their marketing efforts. Historically, manufacturers offer warranty registrations […]