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A Marketing Book Club
I’ve always loved the idea of a book club, but I’ve never gotten around to joining one. Don’t get me wrong, I read 2-3 books a week. As you might guess, the books I read are mostly business, marketing and personal growth types, not just every book club out there wants to dive into that […]
Automatically Add Marketing Content to Your Website
For several years now I have been publishing small business marketing related articles to distribute to my newsletter subscribers. In addition, I submit many of these articles to article directories using a service that automates this process called Submit Your Article. This same service allows any website owner to easily display these articles on their […]
Sending and Receiving Very Large Files
In a recent newsletter I listed 10 productivity tools I couldn’t live without. Today I’d like to talk specifically about one of those tools called DropSend. DropSend, as the name may imply, allows user to upload large files to either store or send to others. Sending files over one megabyte can be tough via email […]
10 Essential Small Business Productivity Tools
In my weekly newsletter I profiled what I think are essential small business tools. These tools don’t all directly relate to marketing, but most perform a marketing function. You can view my 10 essential tools here. I cover things like project management, virus protection, file sending, spam blocking and keyword locating. You can subscribe to […]
Become a Duct Tape Marketing Coach?
I’ve started mentoring a handful of very motivated individuals and am working with them to create and build their own Duct Tape Marketing consulting/coaching business – exactly as I have done it. You’re invited to attend a special teleseminar overview of the Duct Tape Marketing Authorized Coach program Two sessions – Friday, April 21st – […]
Contests Create Community
Few things have the marketing potential of a good old fashion contest. People love to compete and will go to great lengths at times to win something as simple as a little recognition. Staged correctly, marketing contests have several very powerful things going for them: They can become viral very quickly The media is a […]

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Have You Ever Really Listened To Yourself
I’ve spent a great amount of time pouring over hours of audio recordings of myself presenting workshops and teleseminars in preparation for unleashing the entire Duct Tape Marketing Small Business Marketing system on the world in self-study fashion. The exercise has been both valuable and eye-opening. The lesson I’ve gained is that one of the […]
Duct Tape Review: Basecamp
Basecamp is a web app with a very nice set of features for project management. The software is the creation of 37 signals and is one of a suite of tools built to do some very useful things. I use Basecamp to manage client projects. I can upload files, create to do lists, milestones and […]