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Relationship Building : How to Expand Business Network
A relationship building activity in business is a far cry from building personal relationships. Yet, business relationships do have some similarities that clearly require good interpersonal skills and communication. When it is time to expand a business network, it takes a bit of planning and design to affect seamless relationship building activities. To learn how […]
5 WordPress Plugins you Don't Use that Boost user Engagement and Monetization
Running a blog or online publication is no easy feat. Especially when you are looking to monetize and boost engagement at the same time. Users engage in pages that are built to suit their needs. Therefore, it’s no surprise that they steer away from the ads that appear overly promotional and fail to blend into […]
The Top 3 Tools to Create Your Marketing Presentation
You are a small business owner. As such, you are constantly in search for new opportunities because you want to grow your business. Now, let us say that you found a potential customer and they are now asking you to send your company’s presentation. Many times this is one of the first things your future […]
Is Your ‘About’ Page Ruining Your Chances of Getting a Referral?
Every business has a website, right? It is your shop window; the place where people learn about you, your brand and the products or services that you’re selling. And due to our heavy online usage habits, it’s also the place that dictates the sustainability of a company. You see, every business needs to be liked. […]
The Art of the Ask: How to Ask for a Referral
The main source of new orders for many small businesses is referrals. The reason is clear. When people are happy with a service or product, they tell others about it and new orders result. Referrals are a strong form of advertising because they carry an independent assessment from a user that your product or service […]
Building Trust for Online Referral Marketing Campaigns
Running an online business can be difficult and expensive; you have to worry about managing ad campaigns and monitoring your budget. If this is not done properly, your business could fail. Having a referral marketing program is a great way to reduce marketing costs and increase the profitability of your business. Referral marketing involves your […]

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Using Marketing Automation Tools to Boost Your Customer Referral Program
The benefits of referral marketing have been recognized for a long time. Compared to traditional advertising, a positive referral from a happy customer is one of the most valuable forms of marketing. People pay twice as much attention to recommendations from friends and family members than any other source, according to the Wharton Business School. […]
WordPress Plays a Key Role in Improving Reviews and Ratings
Blogging is a great way to let your inner author awaken. The best part about blogging is that you don’t have to stick to a set of topics or even a theme. Even if you own a food blog, you can create a post or two about travelling. WordPress is one of the leading websites […]
How to Confidently Buy All the New Customers You Can Stand
  While the title of this post may seem a little odd or even off-putting, when it comes right down to it a lot of sales and marketing involves purchasing business. When you advertise, you invest in the opportunity to generate customers. When a salesperson prospects and goes on a sales call, you’re investing time […]
Everything You Need To Know About Marketing Channels In 5 Minutes Or Less
In this article, you’ll discover everything you need to know about marketing channels. You’ll learn 19 different marketing channels, the goals for each, and how “conversation funnels” will help you convert prospects into customers. First, let’s take a look at the most popular marketing channels. In the book Traction, authors Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares […]