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Get Your vCard Working
In light of today’s date and associated holiday some reader might think a vCard has something to do with Valentine’s Day, but fear not, the v in vCard stands for virtual. The vCard idea was developed by the Internet Mail Consortium for personal data interchange. It’s like a digital version of a business card and […]
Great Products Can't Overcome Arrogance
No matter how good your product or service is – if you constantly treat your customers as though they are disposable, well, that’s what they will become. Whether you are sitting on top of the world or clawing your way to your next order, you can’t put enough effort into customer service. Finding new customers […]
Use Yahoo and Google Alert as Sales Tools
If you really want to make a hit with your A list clients and prospects, take the time to find out some background on them and personalize your marketing communications with them. If Ed Jones over there at Acme Industries went to Notre Dame (not such a hard thing to find out) you will score […]
Surprise Your Clients Once In A While
Most everyone loves surprises. That’s what wrapping paper is all about. Unveiling the unknown and fully appreciating the unexpected. Every now and then it’s fun to throw a surprise at your clients and customers as well. Here’s one of my favorite techniques. When a customer orders a product or engages your services, toss in something […]
Say Thank You To No Too
This might be a little hard to swallow for some but it pays long range dividends and is so very easy to do. Have you ever made a pitch for a client or some new project only to get that voicemail or email telling you that they have decided to go with XYZ company, but […]
The Best Sales Questions Are The Ones You Already Have Answers To
I suppose you get these calls too but here’s a rough approximation of a cold call sales call I received recently. “Uhm, I don’t know if you even buy what we sell and I’m sure you don’t know anything about me or my company but I want to take about $175 worth of your time […]

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