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3 Tests To Run On Your Website Now
You’ve got a website, but do you really know what’s working on that site? As a small business owner, you’re pulled in so many different directions and marketing is just one more thing on your list. Which is exactly why you need to pay attention to what’s working and what’s not so you can focus […]
Why I Think Lead Capture Is About to Change Dramatically
Lead capture on websites has been the same for about a decade. Oh sure the rise of inbound marketing has people talking about it differently, but essentially it’s gone like this – you visit a website, they offer you something of value, you give them your email address and hope something good comes to your […]
How to Convert Leads at the Bottom of your Sales Funnel
Studies show that email marketing still converts, but many businesses are failing to convert prospects in their email sales funnel. These leads have already expressed an interest in your brand, so it’s not difficult to reach them. Here’s an action plan to help you dive deeper and rise to the surface of your prospect’s inbox. Problem […]
Want To Optimize Your Conversion? Then Break It Down Into These Steps [Infographic]
Quick question: How effective is your website conversion? Maybe it’s not as high as you want it to be. Or maybe you’re scratching your head, unsure. All you know is, people are browsing through your site and reading your posts, but for some reason, they aren’t signing up. Your email list remains stagnant. Or, people […]
Re-engage With Leads and Increase Sales – Easy, Effective Ways to Bring Back Visitors Who Intend to Buy
 We’ve all found those pennies behind the couch pillow, and that occasional quarter in the crevice can eventually pack a punch—a cup of coffee here, a trip to the movies there. But how much does that analogy reflect on those lost leads that slip through the cracks in our customer buying funnel? Below are some […]
Building Relationships with your Leads
You’ve invested time and energy in social media, content marketing, you’ve created a call to action that’s been generating leads, and your email list of contacts is growing. Now how do you generate sales from your current leads and expand your reach to attract new leads? Let’s take a look at two effective techniques –influencer […]

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Must-Use Lead Conversion Tactics for Video Marketing
On SnapChat the other day, one of the live feeds featured was “Farm Life.” Because I have a friend who is building a business in the ag arena, I thought this would be a great opportunity to get the word out about his video production company. It’s free to upload a photo or video to […]
How to Tune Up Your Email Marketing So You Can Improve Conversions and Make More Money
You’ve worked hard growing an email list. Now you’re ready to make some money. You ship the magic email and wait, but the sales fall short of your goals. I know what it’s like to spend an entire weekend clicking the refresh button begging for at least one new sale. I’ve also written individual emails […]
The Secret Sauce for Optimizing Your FAQ Page
Having the human touch is a no brainer for companies that are starting out.  It’s undeniable that, cost aside, companies would much rather have sales people closing deals in addition to their support team personally answering every inquiry and problem that arises. However, many times this model simply isn’t scalable, which is why it is […]
4 "MUST DOs" to Drastically Improve Your Website's On-Page Optimization
The first thing that most people do when they have a question nowadays is to “Google” it. In fact, that is the way many people research the product or service that they are buying. It’s the dream of many small businesses to appear on the 1st page of a competitive search term or “keyword” ahead […]