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Why We Need Each Other
Yesterday my friend Chris Brogan asked if he could write a guest post about what he’s learned growing his own business. I had already planned today’s post but was struck by the harmony of these two. If anything about this post resonates I invite you to read them both. This past week I was treated […]
What Digital Marketers Get Wrong
Thursday is guest post day here at Duct Tape Marketing and today’s post comes from @chrisbrogan From the very first day I opened my first company, I knew that I was bucking trends. Or so I thought. You’ll laugh. Starting Without a Storefront: Or So I Thought I launched my business without having a website. […]
Why You Must Add Visual Content to the Mix
Look around these days and you’ll find it’s hard to miss the growth of sites and services that rely on the more visual aspect of our senses growing rapidly. Sites like Pinterest and The Fancy rely on lots of pretty picture to tell stories and attract visitors. Infographics and visualized data still attract lots of […]
Blueprinting As a Coaching Model
I’ve got another free eBook for you – keep reading! I’ve experimented with various coaching and consulting models over the years and while I’m a big strategy before tactics kind of guy I like some things about a model I call blueprinting. The idea behind blueprinting is to map out a manageable set of steps […]
The Problem With Content
I’m in San Diego today speaking at Social Media Marketing World. The message of content marketing has certainly taken root in the digital and social marketing space and as the message of content, content, content grows louder and louder so too does the level of frustration. Producing content actually requires some work. Producing lots of […]
The Golden Age of Social Lead Targeting Has Arrived Fully
In the beginning, you know about five years ago, some smart sales types discovered the awesome power of mining social networks for leads. In a way it was like the early prospectors digging around and bumping into gold with little more than an idea and some hard work staking claims. (This post I wrote in […]

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Why the Shuttering of Google Reader Might Be a Good Thing
This week’s announcement that Google Reader is shutting down has me and many others waxing a bit nostalgic. I’m an admitted RSS geek. Back in 2008 I wrote a series of blog posts extolling the emerging virtues of RSS technology. Prior to Google Reader I used tools like Bloglines, FeedDemon and NewsGator to subscribe to […]
What Integrated Marketing Looks Like Now
I’ve been playing the marketing game for over twenty-five years and the term “integrated marketing” has been around at least that long. Years ago, however, the concept of integration applied mainly to consistency in branding elements and a unified message in advertising, public relations and sales promotion. With integration a customer or prospect could experience […]
Changing the Social Channel
I’ve been asked to speak at three different social media related events over the next few months and in each case I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the future of social media. But here’s the thing. I don’t plan to talk about social media – not much at least. What I plan to talk about […]
Using Facebook Graph Search To Help Your Business
Thursday is guest post day here at Duct Tape Marketing and today’s guest is from David Tully– Enjoy! In a blog post after the release of their new “Graph Search” application, Facebook encouraged business’s to “continue to invest” in their pages and keep them up to date so as they will show higher up in […]