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5 Ways to Make Your Advertising Extraordinarily Effective
Advertising is an important part of the lead generation puzzle. Some marketers suggest that you can do without the cost and low returns they attribute to advertising, but done right, advertising is a tremendous tool. I advocate an approach that calls for a mix of lead generation tactics that includes advertising, public relations and a […]
Sales Is a Function of Marketing Pure and Simple
Over the years one of the great breakdowns in many of the small businesses that I’ve worked with lies in area of sales. Now it might be tempting to conclude that what I referring to is a lack of sales, but what I’m really getting at is a misunderstanding there’s actually a distinction between sales […]
Why We Need Each Other
Yesterday my friend Chris Brogan asked if he could write a guest post about what he’s learned growing his own business. I had already planned today’s post but was struck by the harmony of these two. If anything about this post resonates I invite you to read them both. This past week I was treated […]
Blueprinting As a Coaching Model
I’ve got another free eBook for you – keep reading! I’ve experimented with various coaching and consulting models over the years and while I’m a big strategy before tactics kind of guy I like some things about a model I call blueprinting. The idea behind blueprinting is to map out a manageable set of steps […]
Getting Clarity One Minute at a Time
Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSMarketing podcast with Dan Martell Have you ever wanted to seek out and find very specific advice for a really big thing you’re wrestling with? Or maybe for just that little thing that needs a specific experience or skill? If you’re in business I’m guessing you have that thought […]
How to Set Your Business Up So You Never Have To Actually Talk to Anyone
I’m guessing the headline for this post brought you here for one of two reasons – you were curious or you were dismayed by the thought of it. And I’m okay with either, but one of you is going to be disappointed. See, technology has indeed brought us to the point where we can actually […]

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5 Questions That Will Lead to Market Domination
One of the things most small business struggle with mightily is differentiation. And yet, it’s probably the number one factor in the success of one business over another. If you can’t demonstrate how your business is significantly different than every other business that says it does what you do, you are doomed to compete on […]
How to Practically Guarantee Every New Offering Is a Winner
You sweat and toil and create new products and services that you just know that market is dying to get their hands on. You put it out, a few sales trickle in and then, nothing. You tweak the sales page, lower the price, kick the cat and still, nothing. Creating new product and service offerings, […]
Why the Shuttering of Google Reader Might Be a Good Thing
This week’s announcement that Google Reader is shutting down has me and many others waxing a bit nostalgic. I’m an admitted RSS geek. Back in 2008 I wrote a series of blog posts extolling the emerging virtues of RSS technology. Prior to Google Reader I used tools like Bloglines, FeedDemon and NewsGator to subscribe to […]
Changing the Social Channel
I’ve been asked to speak at three different social media related events over the next few months and in each case I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the future of social media. But here’s the thing. I don’t plan to talk about social media – not much at least. What I plan to talk about […]