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Harvard Likes Duct Tape
Adding to the notion that the Duct Tape metaphor crosses all conceivable socioeconomic and business boundaries, Harvard Business School has featured Duct Tape Marketing on their Working Knowledge site. In response, one of my alert readers issued this line from the Matt Damon movie – Good Will Hunting – “Hey Johnny, Waddya say we go […]
IM and Chat for Business
I’ve made no secret of the fact that I like the tools that 37Signals creates. I use Basecamp on a daily basis to run my business. I had a chance to help load test the newest offering out of the Chicago company and I think they have another winner. The service is call Campfire. It […]
Dual Monitor Expands Window On Work
I know I’m not the first person to stumble onto this set-up but after just a week with my dual monitor I wonder how I got along without it. A dual monitor set-up on your computer will allow you to get more done, simple as that. This is my 19″ monitor hooked up with my […]
Know, Like, and Trust – You need them all to make the sale
Too many small business owners focus most of their attention on single event lead generation promotions. The most effective lead generation comes from the careful combination of many tactics, but I have found that no lead generation strategy is complete until it weaves the use of advertising (know), public relations (like), and referrals (trust) around […]