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Why You Must Stop Selling Your Time
If you’re stuck in the rut of selling your time, do yourself a favor and grab this free eBook I’ve cosponsored with my friends from FreshBooks – Breaking the Time Barrier. Very early on in my consulting career I learned an important lesson about time – You only have so much. I know that may […]
What If How You Sold Was as Important as What You Sold?
So, for starters, the title to this post poses a bit of a trick question because significant research suggests it is in fact a fact. Buyers have become so adept at doing initial purchase research that they no longer need or have the patience for a sales presentation on the benefits of your widget. Ironically, […]
Solving the Most Frustrating Part of Marketing
I’ve spent the better part of the last 10 years telling any small business owner that would listen that marketing isn’t really that complicated. What’s complicated and frustrating about marketing perhaps is how small business owners and those that work in the field of marketing think about it. Marketing is just a system and, operated […]
7 Ways to Attract Lots of High Quality Links in the Age of Authority
Links back to your site from other sites give Google a potentially important signal – “Hey, I’m a human being and I think this is good stuff.” – that’s something Google can’t do with a spider and even better if the site in question is already known to Google as a trusted source. Links have […]
How to Turn Your Best Customers Into a Growth Engine
I’ve said repeatedly that building a vibrant community is the most important objective of any business these days. While this may sound like some social media laced feel good sentiment it’s actually quite practical. Making your business customers, prospects, suppliers and partners feel like important members of a bigger community simply makes long-term business sense […]
A Ridiculously Awesome Opportunity for 8 Business Owners
What if you could spend 3 entire days working on your business with only seven other business owners under my guidance. Oh, and what if it was free. I am conducting and filming a live 3 day workshop in San Francisco June 26-28 and eight lucky business owners get to join me for free as […]

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Digital Marketplaces Becoming a Viable Small Business Channel
Marketplaces have been with us for centuries. Around the time people started trading inside and outside of their village two models developed. You either took your stuff on the road and sold it door to door or you showed up somewhere near the center of town and rented a stall in the market or bazaar. […]
How to Choose the Right Business Model for Your Start-up
  Lots of people talk about business models these days, but what does it really mean? When it comes to starting or planning for business success your model is essentially your decision about how you intend to add value – which is another way of saying – how you intend to make money. Business is […]
5 Ways to Make Your Advertising Extraordinarily Effective
Advertising is an important part of the lead generation puzzle. Some marketers suggest that you can do without the cost and low returns they attribute to advertising, but done right, advertising is a tremendous tool. I advocate an approach that calls for a mix of lead generation tactics that includes advertising, public relations and a […]
Sales Is a Function of Marketing Pure and Simple
Over the years one of the great breakdowns in many of the small businesses that I’ve worked with lies in area of sales. Now it might be tempting to conclude that what I referring to is a lack of sales, but what I’m really getting at is a misunderstanding there’s actually a distinction between sales […]