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How to Make Content the Voice of Strategy
I talk about marketing strategy a lot. It is for me the most important element when it comes to building a long-term, sustainable marketing system. Your strategy informs every marketing decision. It must be considered when you decide what products you will offer, how you will serve your customers, what your packaging looks like, what […]
5 Most Popular Guest Posts of 2013
In 2013 we added a new weekly feature to Duct Tape Marketing – guest posts. Each Thursday we run a marketing small business related post here from content contributors around this globe. Writing and running guest posts is a form of networking that’s essential is this sharing and linking world we find ourselves marketing in. […]
What If You Needed to Fire Yourself?
I had an interesting conversation with one of the most dynamic free agent entrepreneurs I know. It all started when he wrote to tell me he had taken a job. A what, a job? How could that be, I mean, he was living the dream. My friend is the author of over twenty books, speaks […]
5 SEO Action Steps You Can Take Today
In a recent blog post I wrote about the new realities of SEO. For the most part that post revealed how the shifting form of search into a less content and more context driven world requires site owners and SEO professionals to think differently about how they approach search engine optimization. Today I want to […]
Customer Reviews the Hidden Local SEO Gem
Free ebook – Marketer’s Guide to Customer Reviews Content, content, content – that’s the message that marketers have been sending over the last few years and with good reason – customers expect to find it and search engines look to serve the best of it up. Social media participation has certainly made its way onto […]
You Get All the Ideal Clients You Create
Recently, I conducted an all day workshop in the West Texas town of Coleman. The event was organized by the town’s Economic Development folks and championed by a long time Duct Tape reader Greg Martin. During then event I outlined the Duct Tape Marketing System in great detail. As any long time reader here knows […]

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How to Develop With Instead of For Your Customers
Some of the biggest flops in my career began and ended in the laboratory of my mind. It starts with a spark of brilliance, then a rush of enthusiasm, followed by product creation and finally ends with “I don’t get it, that should have been a game changer, why didn’t it sell?” Most product and […]
5 Basic Tips for Greater eCommerce Conversion
This post is sponsored by Community Merchants USA.     Buying online is huge business. For many it’s become such a convenient way to shop that even staple, every day items such as contact solution and toothpaste are acquired by turning to a trusted eCommerce vendor. With sites like Amazon blazing innovations like same day […]
Why Landing Pages Are a Must
September 19th I’m hosting a free webinar titled – “How to Quickly Grow Your Email List, Dramatically Increase Your Conversions and Skyrocket your Sales and Profits.” with LeadPages founder Clay Collins (Sign up at the bottom of this post.) Prospects today are abused, confused and rarely amused by the shear amount of options they turn […]
Why Outbound Marketing Has Never Been More Effective
The rallying cry of inbound and content marketers everywhere is that outbound marketing, you know, things like advertising, cold calling and overt promotion are evil. The theory is that if you put enough high quality content out there, the right people will find you. And, both in theory and in fact, this is happening. The […]