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Real Time is Big Time
In this week’s article for AMEX OpenForum I wrote what I see as 5 Trends That Will Shape Small Business in 2010 – #1 on the list was – Real time is big time At some point in 2010, I wrote, all search results will consist of real-time information, scores, reviews, tweets and all, right […]
Introducing Social Media Pro
Warning: A bit of a straight commercial post here. If you’ve subscribed to the Duct Tape Marketing newsletter or read this blog for any amount of time you know I use social media, talk about social media, and generally love exploring it and finding very practical ways to use this new toolset. Now, not everyone […]
Blogging – It's Not Just For Breakfast Anymore
You know I’m a huge fan of blogs for small business and an equally big supporter of the WordPress blogging platform. The wide adoption of WordPress is aided greatly by the fact that its open source architecture means that outside developers can create add-ons to extend the basic functionality. So, now you can think outside […]
TweetDeck Adds Lists and LinkedIn
The popular 3rd Party Twitter desktop client TweetDeck finally caught up with the recent Twitter add-ons with a significant update and I think they got it right. As all these new features get added it’s easy to imagine the simple interface getting more cluttered but they’ve done a nice job of actually simplifying the interface […]
7 Simple Truths of Social Media Marketing
The first truth I need to reveal is that the idea for this post is a bit of a response to a post by Sonia Simone of copyblogger titled – The 7 Harsh Realities of Social Media Marketing. Sonia and I sparred a bit over the fact that “harsh realities” and making all this sound […]
Will Customer Opinion Overtake Search?
Right now showing up on page one of the organic search results is the holy grail of small business online marketing. Any business that spends significant time consistently producing keyword rich, educational content, draws links, and is active in numerous social network can eventually gain some real traction when it comes to search results. For […]

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Update of My Free Social Media Ebook
Social media and online marketing tools and tactics are an evolving lot. What was true last month may have a new twist this month. With that in mind I am happy to report that I’ve once again teamed up with the Microsoft Office Live Small Business team to bring you the revised and freshly updated […]
Stop Wasting Your Time With Social Media
If you have no precise marketing strategy, or even a simple set of marketing goals, social media participation will only serve as a glorious way to highlight that your business is precisely like every other business that says they do what you do. (That’s a nice way of saying you are doomed to compete on […]
What the Heck is Integrated Marketing Anyway?
When I first started my business, several decades ago, I was determined to tell people that, mine was an integrated marketing firm. To which, I generally received polite nods and the occasional more truthful – “What the heck is integrated marketing anyway?” Well, c’mon I would mutter, “everyone knows it’s a management strategy and meta-discipline […]
3 Tools to Make Twitter Lists Even More Useful
I’m a big fan of the newish Twitter List function. I wrote about it last week – 5 Reasons to Use the New Twitter Lists Feature Now that I’ve you pumped up about using lists, I want to talk about a few tools that I think can make the feature even more useful. Twitter List […]