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5 Social Media Lessons Gleaned from a New SMB Study
Thursday is guest post day here at Duct Tape Marketing and today’s guest is from Frank Strong, director of Public Relations, Vocus – Enjoy! There is no shortage of social media advice.  Unfortunately, much of it is often at odds, conflicting and even confusing. For example, consider scheduling tweets.  A quick Google search will return […]
Standing Out in the Field
I’m taking some vacation time this week and I’m actually going to stand waist deep in the Columbia River in Oregon and cast for Trout. (Don’t worry I won’t hurt any I’m strictly a catch and release kind of guy.)  While I am away, I have a great lineup of guest bloggers filling my shoes.  This post is […]
Twitter Is My Help Desk
Over the course of the last year of so something happened to customer support – a great deal of it moved on to twitter. It started for me with the occasional “does anyone know what this error message means?” or “what adapter works best for X?” Even just a year ago the only folks on […]
Adding a Chief Conversation Officer
“Markets are conversations – talk is cheap, silence is fatal” – from the cluetrain manifesto – Levine, Locke, Searls & Weinberger The statement above embodies for many the changed landscape of marketing. Bigco started to embrace this over the course of the last few years and now it’s time for Smallco to aggressively do the […]
I Didn't Know You Did That
So, honestly now, have you ever heard the words in the title to this post from a long-time customer? We all have, I’m afraid, and shame on us. When a customer becomes a customer, it’s usually to purchase a specific product or solve a specific problem. When we solve that problem or ship that product […]
Customers Are Your Most Effective Sales Force
Happy, educated, results oriented customers are the greatest sales force you can employ. You’ve probably experienced that in some manner by way of a referred lead or two. What I would like to suggest is a systematic way to willingly involve your customers as motivated participants in the growth of your business. Here are the […]

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Your Marketing Organized
One of the most difficult tasks for small business owners, when it comes to marketing, is organization. Until you start to look at marketing as one of the core systems in your business it will always feel like a disjointed and disconnected thing that you know you must do when you can get around to […]
Are You Easy?
Back in high school being called easy wasn’t exactly a compliment, but when it comes to your business, it’s essential. Web folks like to talk about frictionless businesses or web sites as those that are very simple for the visitor to navigate and experience. There are many places your business can fall down in this […]
Your customer rewards program
Customer rewards programs, the kind used by the airlines for example, have been around for a long time, but I think the concept is grossly underused by small business owners. The drive to earn a higher status or exclusive membership is very strong and full of marketing potential when used correctly. (I was in the […]
Customer vs. Client
As I write about small business marketing strategies I’m often confronted the choice between the word client or customer when referring to those folks you exchange goods and services with for money. For the most part the words are interchangeable, but seem, culturally, to possess different meanings and uses. In the main, client is more […]