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7 Platforms to Spice Up Your Content Marketing Efforts
Modern content marketing is about so much more than mere blogging and self-promotion. It’s about telling stories that engage your audience over time. Indeed, “content marketing is a long-term strategy, based on building a strong relationship with your target audience,” notes Neil Patel in a step-by-step guide, “by giving them high-quality content that is very […]
The Duct Tape Marketing Podcast All-Star Team
Summer is a great time to kick back, relax, and listen to a podcast (OK, even if you don’t end up reading this post until December, it’s always a good time to listen to one). Whether you’ve been listening to the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast for awhile, or haven’t gotten started and want to binge […]
How to Use Events for Evergreen Content Creation
Conferences, workshops, and events are a big investment. Many marketers treat them as a one-and-done affair – but what if you could make them work harder for you? When treated properly, events can be a great source of content. The challenge is capturing that content in a meaningful and effective way. In this article, I’ll […]
The Enduring Power of Content in Marketing
I know, I know, if somebody writes one more thing about content you’re going to lose it, but hear me out, I actually think I can make you change your mind about content. Inbound marketing is a powerful approach that businesses need to be using today, and if you aren’t implementing the tactics and strategies involved, […]
How Systems Make Your Business More Human
I’m a huge fan of technology. Without it, my business would be in a much different place than it is now. However, over-reliance on it can be a trap that puts you out of touch with your customers and can prevent you from building relationships that will help you get better at what you do […]
How to Find Killer Content Ideas
Whether you’re a novice writer or a pro, at some point you’ll get writer’s block and will find it difficult to come up with potent, relevant content ideas for marketing. If you’re in a rut, or simply need new topics to align with your strategy, follow the tips below to help guide you to new […]

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5 Mistakes Businesses Make When Conducting a Content Audit
A content audit of your website or latest marketing campaign is an absolute must. But let’s be honest: most marketers and business owners despise them and are terrified of them in equal measure. They can be tedious, time-consuming, and confusing. But this is not a post on how to conduct one, though. You can read […]
Why Linkable Content Wins and How To Create It?
There’s no escaping content if you want to survive in the digital marketing realm. Whether you create content or curate it, you have to ensure that it serves a purpose. Irrespective of the industry, the content that you create has to increase brand awareness, generate leads, boost sales, make an impact on the target audience, trigger […]
3 Shifts That Will Take Your Story To The Next Level
The global aid organization, Mercy Corps, tested a story approach to fundraising. Their traditional email approach told about the work the organization was doing throughout the world. How they had grown over the years through contributions and support. And how the money was being spent. Then it called for action — a donation. Their story-based […]
3 Types of Content That Gets More Traffic, Links and Shares Than All the Others
Why waste time creating content that doesn’t get you traffic, links, and shares? The problem for many content creators is they aren’t sure what type of content to focus on, so they try creating everything and anything they feel like creating in the moment. That works for some, but not for all (especially not for […]