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Can You Illustrate a Simple Truth?
The best stories often illustrate one simply truth for the reader and in doing so can illuminate an idea, a principle, or belief in far greater fashion than an overt statement to the same effect. I believe this notion can be applied very powerfully to something I call the marketing story. Your marketing story is […]
VistaPrint's Blue Ocean Strategy
VistaPrint has been around on the web long enough for most people to know something about them. Their success has not been an overnight sensation, but it is a great story. I got the chance to hear VistaPrint founder Robert Keane talk about his story and influence that the book Blue Ocean Strategy had on […]
Free Online Video Tutorials
Long time blogging buddy Jim Kukral has created a great series called the Online Video Toolkit for anyone wanting to learn how to jump in and master the use of video for online promotion, education, and training. You know you need to learn all you can about this medium, but you’ve probably also discovered that […]
Multiple Personality Marketing Materials Disorder
Most marketing materials suffer from too much focus. Now, I’m a big fan of focus when it comes to message, but it’s the delivery of that message that needs to be flexible. Here’s what I mean. Within the very same, narrowly defined, ideal target market there exists many different personalities and just as many different […]
7 Steps to Small Business Marketing Success
Quite often these days I get asked to explain the core components in the Duct Tape Marketing small business marketing system. The key word in that last sentence being system – yes marketing is a system just like making it, fixing it, shipping it, and paying for it is, we just don’t treat it as […]
Staying top of mind
It’s a pretty accepted fact that finding ways to do more business or get more referrals from your existing customers is a smart way to build a business. But as the din of noisy demands captures your attention it’s easy to forget all about those existing customers until they pick-up the phone and reorder. I […]

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A lesson in marketing from my dear sweet wife
I was reminded today of a running joke I have with my wife. Occasionally, she will ask me to do some odd job or another and then immediately proceed to tell me just how to do it. My reply is to generally remind her that she gets to – 1) tell me what to do, […]
HP small business blog contest
HP ran a little blog contest on its SMB Community Wiki and let readers pick the top their favorite blog posts arranged in the categories of marketing, entrepreneurship, innovation and management, and productivity. After the votes were tallied the top three posts were chosen and presented as an ebook on the site. You can download […]
How to get beyond Bullet Points
Making stunning presentations of your ideas, products and services is a killer business skill and one that is rare. It’s not that people can’t learn to do this, it’s just that most of the examples we are exposed to through PowerPoint slide shows are deathly as learning tools. Cliff Atkinson, author of Beyond Bullet Points, […]
Make your audio offers sound sexier
Apple announced this week that they are dropping the price of their tiny mp3 player called the Shuffle to $49. This price and the allure of all things iPod makes this a great marketing tool. Here’s what I mean. If you have a product or service that already includes or could easily benefit from the […]