Can Professional Services Providers Use Coupons?
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Can Professional Services Providers Use Coupons?

Can Professional Services Providers Use Coupons?

By John Jantsch

Coupons have long been a staple for marketing products. Internet coupons came along in recent years as well and have been well received.

So here’s my question: With the advantages of geo targeting and automation that come with the Internet, why couldn’t a professional services provider use a service like Zixxo (listen to an interview with cofounder Mike Hogan) to market big-ticket sales?

Zixxo, a start-up Internet coupon service has added some very nice Web 2.0 type features that make the process of using coupons easier for both the user and the advertiser.

Zixxo’s primary focus also appears to be letting small, local businesses target their coupons geographically – a big plus.

I predict this will allow small business marketers to use coupons in some new and creative ways. So, how will you use coupons in the future?.

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