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I’ve hesitated viewing chat as a viable business tool primarily because you needed AOL, MSN, Yahoo, Google and IQC chat clients downloaded in order to synch your chats up with the people you wanted to have a chat with. I know that there are some services out there that helped with this compatibility issue but they were still semi-hacks.

Chat is one of those tools that was created with the teenager in mind, not the business person.

37Signals released the businessperson’s answer to this dilemma. It’s called Campfire

Campfire makes group chat easy

  • Every chat has a permanent URL
  • Campfire chats don’t require special chat software or networks
  • Instantly share and discuss files with your colleagues/clients
  • Search or browse through transcripts of past chats
  • Chat securely over SSL (Plus and Premium plans)

The fact that no one, guest or member, has to worry about which platform the chat is on is what will really make this service take-off.

A tool this powerful has the ability to impact traditional forms of communication.

For example: What about a group mastermind that is scheduled, produced and recorded as premium content.


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