Buyers Today Crave Content AND Contact

Buyers Today Crave Content AND Contact

Buyers Today Crave Content AND Contact

By John Jantsch

You know the web is a great way to create and distribute some great
content but, you know, something is missing. Fact is, it can be a cold place to hang out.

As more and more people realize that they are interacting with this
thing called a computer all day long they may begin to respond to ways
to also get contact from it.

I think that’s one of the reasons blogs have become so popular…they
promote contact.

I’ve been doing some testing on this theory and the results are staggering.

I’ve actually realized 300% website conversion rate increases with the addition
of a simple contact device. That device is Audio

The conversion is universal, whether the action to buy, subscribe or move
to the next step.

What about audio on a blog?

Whatever you do, don’t press that funny looking blue button below.

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