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Marketing podcast with Dave Kerpen

photo credit: br1dotcom via photopin cc

Dave Kerpen had the foresight a few years ago to lock up the term Likeable. It’s the name of his business, Likeable Media, the name of his mega selling book Likeable Social Media and it’s been applied to his latest work, Likeable Business.

But as Kerpen quickly points out, being likeable in business isn’t about social media or even the marketing department, it’s about a profitable way of doing business.

Applied to the business globally it extends to behaviors as much as tactics. It applies to how you listen and respond, how you tell stories, how authentic and transparent every aspect of your business is, how you change and adapt, how surprise and delight, how you partner, how you do business in general and even how you say thank you.

In many ways we no longer have a choice about being transparent and authentic – we either are or we aren’t and it’s pretty much on view for the world to see, consider, write about and share.

In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, Kerpen talks about businesses that are getting this right and how any business can naturally become more likeable.

It’s time to understand that this isn’t something nice to consider when you’ve got a moment or two, this is a highly practical way of doing business that is fast becoming an expectation in every market segment.


dave kerpen, Likeable Business

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