Lots of small business owners bump their heads against figurative walls when trying to grow. No matter what they do, nothing seems

The other day I was listening to my iPod and working on a project to come up with snappy name for a

There’s a pretty tired myth with some small business folks that pegs eBay as simply a way for people to unload junk,

I’ll be hanging out and presenting on new media use in Toronto this week at the mesh Conference. The sold out event

I get asked the question above plenty. The answer is really easy: People refer people, products, services and companies because they like

Social directories and bookmarking sites are good places to visit and get your story seen, spread, and occasionally linked to. Sites like

Web marketers have discovered the value of adding audio to websites and sales pages for a number of years now. Used properly,

Ok, this one might not be earthshattering, but it’s kind of fun. Sound is a great way to build brand recognition –

Seth Godin joined me for a special live taping of the Duct Tape Marketing podcast (we had about 500 callers listening in.)