I started my own business 22 years ago. (Hey, I’m not as young as I look!) At the time it felt more

I’m playing around with video blogging and using video in general in anticipation of launching my own small business social networking site

The race to be the biggest, baddest, boldest email marketing service is a grueling one. There are a handful of providers that

Bloglines, the blog reader I have used for years, launched what it is calling the Bloglines Top 1000 blogs today. This is

One of my readers pointed out that they really appreciated the definition of marketing that I use throughout Duct Tape Marketing. Marketing

Google this week announced what seems like a great move in the social network application world called OpenSocial. OpenSocial is a set

Every once in a while I think it’s important to step out of the trees and re-ask yourself the really big questions.

I’m in Chicago today and Friday (Nov 1-2) for a very cool traveling event put together by Intuit. The JustStart Pop-up event