I’m a big fan of Intuit and all the Quicken and Quickbooks products (yes they also sponsor some DTM initiatives) About a

I would love to host your audio or video story on the Duct Tape Marketing Workbench – an audio/video sharing small business

I’ve written here before about a tool that I’m nuts about and it just keeps getting better. It’s a service called Jott

I think one of the things that small business marketers struggle with around the entire topic of social marketing is trying to

I had a great interview with Rohit Bhargava over at the Duct Tape Marketing podcast. He is a founding member of the

With the rush to capitalize on the new media hype, don’t forget your older, wiser, more mature options. Targeted direct mail, with

The right name for a product, service, process, company, or promotion can make all the difference in the world. Get it right

“Entrepreneurs can be a bit scattered in their ‘just get er done’ mentality,” he said from experience. I think you know who

I’ve been asked to give a lot of talks lately on the fast changing social marketing and media world and the questions