I’m headed down I-35 somewhere south of Oklahoma City fully wireless and blogging – don’t worry I’m not driving. But here’s the

The number one way that most businesses are built is by referral. And yet, few small business take advantage of this dynamic

Writing is an essential marketing skill – pretty hard to be very effective without it – whether that’s actually writing the words

A full fledged feature story about your company in a major publication can put you on the map. But, there’s a right

Social media sites are really funny animals and as such need really funny names. A new site called Ideablob fits that requirement

It’s amazing what having an entrepreneurial mayor can do for the focus on small business in a city. I’m speaking at the

Email is awfully invasive, no way around it these days, but it’s also awfully effective for all types of communication and response.

I had a chance to visit with Ken Yancey, CEO of SCORE for this episode of the  Duct Tape Marketing podcast. SCORE

Ok, it’s not really a secret, but I can’t say enough about how much I value my monthly Search Engine News subscription.