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The Ultimate Guide to Small Business Keyword Research

Keyword research is an important strategic marketing practice that, when thought of correctly, never really ends. While many people think of this…

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MaxB Positioning Game
Max Blumburg at MaxB Positioning Game has written a very good overview of the many ways to differentiate your firm. Too often folks think only about their product of services, but he correctly points out that meaningful innovation can also come in the form of promotion, price and distribution. The entry also contains a Jerry […]
Something About The Smell Of The Ink
Look, I’ve bought into this whole digital thing. Blogging, emarketing, web sites, vapor. But every now and then, I just like the feel of a real magazine, printed on real paper. You remeber those don’t you. Every industry has one or three and marketing is no different. A couple of my favorites, Target Marketing and […]
What's Your Word Worth?
For any professional a strong personal brand is worth its weight in gold. Yet, so few people see themselves as a brand. So, as is no surprise, even fewer market themselves accordingly. Here’s a little tip. Everyone has a brand. The only real question is whether your created it intentionally or accidentally. Here’s a test. […]

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Instant Press Release?
Warning: I offer you a free software program at the end of this entry! Do not read if you don’t like free stuff. The good old press release is still one of the stock tools for any business that wants to use public relations as a key lead generation tool. I know a lot of […]
Selling by Voicemail
These days sales folks don’t get to talk on the phone much. As you know, nobody actually answers the phone, so if you are doing a bit of prospecting you better get really good at leaving effective sales messages on voicemail. I get sales messages on my voicemail everyday and they all go about like […]

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Desperately Seeking the Truth
People today are bombarded by so much information that they have become numb to what feels like advertising or, during political cycles like we are in today, out and out fabrication. Small business owners should resist the temptation to copy what passes for advertising today and focus on telling the truth. I don’t really mean […]
Have You Identified the Enemy?
One of the most powerful driving forces in human nature is competition. The desire to overcome something or some company, the need to win, the cause, can in many cases be more important than the day-to-day work of the company. If your company and your people are to ever reach some level of greatness, you […]
Is Your Copy Fluffy?
One of the greatest ways to check if your content or sales letter will be effective is to count the number of adjectives and then compare that with the number of verbs. Just remember, verbs sell…adjectives fluff or worse. I was reminded of this in a recent story from Alex Mandossian, an unrelenting Internet Marketing […]
Have You Sold Your Internal Customers?
You can make the sale. You know your core message. You know your target market inside out, right? But, if you have even one employee then you’ve got another sales job to do. Everyone in your organization must also be sold on the dream you have. Everyone who answers the phone, walks the sales floor, […]

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