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The Ultimate Guide to Small Business Keyword Research

Keyword research is an important strategic marketing practice that, when thought of correctly, never really ends. While many people think of this…

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eBay – The Secret Small Business Tool?
The most effective way to build a small business is to find a market that is looking for something and then give it to them. Most people get this backwards. Most people decide to start a business because they know how to do something or because they are convinced that Uncle Chuck’s Fire Roasted Turnips […]
Fire the CEO
If you are the boss and you think your job is to run the business. You are dead wrong. Your job, the most important job in any business, is marketing. Peter Drucker, way back in 1956, said, “Since the purpose of a business is to find and keep a customer, then the only two things […]
Pop ups just seem to appear from no where!
Okay this entry is a bit of a rant and has little to do with marketing but I just needed to say it. Ad Ware, as it is called, has become a real problem. If you are not familiar with this subject it probably still impacts you. Some not so nice software folks and website […]

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Marketing is pretty simple stuff really
I am in San Francisco attending a marketing conference and one of the first lessons I was reintroduced to was that marketing is little more than giving people what they want. It doesn’t matter what medium you choose or what industry you are in, it all still boils down to that. The companies that get […]
Audio Postcard Getting Attention
Recently I have been experimenting with audio on the web and have found some very interesting uses. I’ve created an audio postcard for you to listen to. This technology, as I wrote about last week is a great way to get and post your client’s audio testimonial right on your site.

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Now that’s positioning of a different color
Small business owners must think outside the box to position and differentiate their company
What if your web site could talk?
Better yet…what if there was a way to have your best clients selling hard for you 24/7? Testimonials from satisfied, no make that thrilled, clients are one of the best ways to supplement your marketing materials.
Make them an offer they can't refuse
You know what the problem is with most small business marketing? It doesn’t ask you to do anything. It doesn’t offer you a reason to act. Pick up any publication that caters to small business and what you will find are a bunch of ads that promote great customer
Two Very Useful Web Site Tools
I know toolbars aren’t that cutting edge but recently Google and Alexa updated their toolbar kits to include some very useful things. Oh and did I mention they are free. A toolbar for those who haven’t used one is a little menu bar that docs right into your browser. Google is the king of search […]

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