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The Ultimate Guide to Small Business Keyword Research

Keyword research is an important strategic marketing practice that, when thought of correctly, never really ends. While many people think of this…

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Stop the Monkey Marketing
There is a Zen Buddhist term called Monkey Mind that gets at the untrained mind’s inability to focus on one thing completely. Left to it’s own, the mind bounces off one wall and then the other like a monkey in a cage. Don’t believe me. Try to sit for 5 minutes and think only about […]
Say Goodbye to MapQuest
I love using the mapping websites out there to help find stuff and I have used both Mapquest and Yahoo maps for many things but. . .Google just quietly launched Google Map search and, in typical Google fashion, it’s a winner. Verging closer and closer to becoming the local directory, Google has combined search, mapping […]
Are You Having Significant Conversations?
So often we rush through client meetings aimed solely on getting the order or getting through the agenda. What we can miss with this approach is the opportunity to bring real value or real change. I suggest that at some point in a client relationship you should be brave enough to ask your clients what […]

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My IPOD Marketing Lesson
I know that way too much has been written about the already Iconic IPOD, but I finally broke down a got my wife one for her birthday and I now have a glimpse at what all the fuss is about. (In case you’re thinking, like my kids, that buying it for my wife was just […]
How To Get Started Blogging
About once a week I get an email from someone who wants to know how they should get started blogging. I used to launch into a discussion about software and various options for hosting and driving traffic, but lately I’ve come to the conclusion that you get started blogging like you get started doing a […]

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Marketing With RSS Free Teleseminar
I am hosting part two of my 7 session teleseminars on Local Online Marketing topics. Be sure to sign-up for next week’s session on RSS. Session #2 – Wednesday, Feb 23rd – Noon Central Time (GMT -6) How to deliver your marketing message directly to your customer’s computer desktop – The basics of marketing with […]
What's In A Name
Building value and trust while proving how your small business is different from every other small business that says it does what you do, is pretty much the game. I discovered long ago that there is a hidden tool in most small businesses that can aid in this task. The tool is so simple you […]
Make New Friends But Keep the Old
The title to today’s post you may recall comes from the theme song for the Girl Scouts of America (I’ve got four daughters, I know a few things about girls!) But for the small business marketer it applies nicely. Many small businesses feel like marketing is all about the hunt for new customers (friends) True […]
To Blog or Not To Blog – Now, that's a dumb question
Bob Serling, a marketer that I have a lot of respect for, came out today with his official position on blogging in his newsletter today. “So my official position on blogging at this time is, “wait and see”. While blogging has shown potential promise, it hasn’t yet delivered solid results. If and when it does, […]

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