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The Ultimate Guide to Small Business Keyword Research

Keyword research is an important strategic marketing practice that, when thought of correctly, never really ends. While many people think of this…

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Google Local Finally Adds Ability To List Your Local Business
For local type businesses, those that just want business from around town, the Internet is becoming more and more important. As the search engines move to implement their local search strategies, local businesses will need to understand the playing field Here’s a tip: The Internet Is The New Phone Book and you better make sure […]
Blogs As A Marketing Integration Tool
Last week I made this post about niche websites and several people wisely chimed in that blogs can do the same thing – and they are right. Last week I said: Every business needs a web site. That’s no longer a debate. I contend, however, that every business really needs at least two web sites. […]
The Perfect Introduction In Reverse
One of the tools I have my Referral Marketing clients create is something I call The Perfect IntroductionTM. This is essentially a document that they use with potential referral sources to try and teach them what your ideal client looks like, how to refer you, why to refer you and what you intend to do […]

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Creating Niche Web Sites To Help Tell Your Story
Every business needs a web site. That’s no longer a debate. I contend, however, that every business really needs at least two web sites. You should have one to tell about your company and your services and one that focuses strictly on providing great content about some aspect of your industry. Think in terms of […]
How To Use A Blog For Business
It was bound to happen. I started another blog. Blogs have becomes such powerful tools for the small business owner that I decided to start another blog dedicated solely to subject of business blogging. I call this one Blogging Business This blog is not about the over hyped “How to make a fortune” with a […]

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Marketing Means You Need To Say You’re Sorry
Want a quick way to ramp up business this month? Take a good hard look at your client list and target two groups of clients. Ones that you no longer do business with and ones that you know you could do more with than you currently are. Then contact every member of both of these […]
Stop the Monkey Marketing
There is a Zen Buddhist term called Monkey Mind that gets at the untrained mind’s inability to focus on one thing completely. Left to it’s own, the mind bounces off one wall and then the other like a monkey in a cage. Don’t believe me. Try to sit for 5 minutes and think only about […]
Say Goodbye to MapQuest
I love using the mapping websites out there to help find stuff and I have used both Mapquest and Yahoo maps for many things but. . .Google just quietly launched Google Map search and, in typical Google fashion, it’s a winner. Verging closer and closer to becoming the local directory, Google has combined search, mapping […]
Are You Having Significant Conversations?
So often we rush through client meetings aimed solely on getting the order or getting through the agenda. What we can miss with this approach is the opportunity to bring real value or real change. I suggest that at some point in a client relationship you should be brave enough to ask your clients what […]

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