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The Ultimate Guide to Small Business Keyword Research

Keyword research is an important strategic marketing practice that, when thought of correctly, never really ends. While many people think of this…

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Hand Made Paper Stuff
Sometimes, maybe it’s the time of year, I get nostalgic for hand made paper things. All of the bits and bytes of emails and web sites occasionally leave me longing for the heft of a fine crafted ink pen. I’ve talked a lot on this blog about handwritten notes as a marketing tool. There’s just […]
New Member of the Duct Tape Marketing Blog Channel
Please join me in welcoming Rob Marsh, VP of Creative Services at to the Duct Tape Marketing Blog Channel. Rob is writing on design issues at Design Matters and is a great addition to the team. LogoWorks is a fascinating Internet success story and one that I think most small business marketers should get […]
Will Google Take Over the World?
Google announced last month the creation of something they call Google Base. This seemingly useful new tool allows anyone with an account to upload a database of products. I have a client that has an online hardware store so it seemed logical to upload his product database and see what happened. What happened was that […]

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Creatively Creating Client Communities and Cookies
I’ve written about this before but I was reminded today of the power of building client communities. One of the most powerful things you can do from a marketing standpoint, customer service standpoint and referral standpoint is to bring your clients together. It’s easy enough to do this when your clients are all in your […]
A Survey for Duct Tape Marketing
Would you mind taking a brief survey to help me better understand my readership? I think most of it’s the input that I get from this blog’s readership that keeps me posting. In the near future I will be partnering with John Battelle’s Federated Media Publishing to place some very relevant advertising on Duct Tape […]

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So How Do You Find the Perfect Mailing List?
Yesterday I posted the idea of selecting a small number of suspects and concentrating a great deal of effort upon them. Wisely, one of my readers asked how someone might go about finding this perfect list of “hot suspects.” No Need to Click Here – I’m just claiming my feed at Feedster feedster:162178481a2354e773de27a90c61d4d5 The perfect […]
How Many Prospect Do You Really Need?
The customer ocean can be a pretty big place to go fishing. So, why not fish in the pond out back instead? Here’s what I mean. Most small businesses make the mistake of trying to attract that attention of members of the entire universe of potential customers. Not only is this a tough way to […]
Send an Unsolicited Testimonial
One of the best networking tools I have found is to identify a party or two that you would like to network with and find a way to send them an unsolicited testimonial. You can point out what you like about a product, service, book or their contribution to society in general. Most savvy marketing […]
Use Yahoo and Google Alert as Sales Tools
If you really want to make a hit with your A list clients and prospects, take the time to find out some background on them and personalize your marketing communications with them. If Ed Jones over there at Acme Industries went to Notre Dame (not such a hard thing to find out) you will score […]

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