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The Ultimate Guide to Small Business Keyword Research

Keyword research is an important strategic marketing practice that, when thought of correctly, never really ends. While many people think of this…

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Got Your Own Radio Show Yet?
Small AM stations are hungry for content. Talk radio is still hot and hosting your own radio show throws you to front of the expert line in a heartbeat. There are a couple of ways to go about this one. 1) Find a really hot topic and go around pitching it to radio producers to […]
CSS vs Tables
Here’s what I want to discuss today! Does CSS allow you to rank higher in search engines and, if so, is it worth the learning curve?I’m hoping some of my readers will weigh in on this one with some really technical comments! CSS or cascading style sheets seem to make sense from a search engine […]
Do You Deserve Referrals?
There is a blog that hit my radar screen a few weeks ago. It is published by Zane Safrit the CEO of Conference Calls Unlimited, so naturally it is called CCUCEO. I have to admit that the way Zane got my attention at first was to make reference to my blog entries. (Okay, so now […]

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Use Google AdWords For Marketing Research
Do you want to know how to obtain the fastest, cheapest, most reliable marketing research on the planet? Google AdWords. Most people know you can sell your wares with AdWords, but I have used it very effectively to get information as well. I simply place ads for keyword or concepts I want to know more […]
Package Your Knowledge
One of the greatest opportunities open to the small business owner is duplication. Look, you’re an expert a something right, I mean, people pay you for your knowledge, skill, advice, or ability to listen to and solve their problems. But…there’s only so much of you to go around right. Wrong…you, or at least that part […]

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Customers As Community – The small business user group
One of the greatest ways to generate referrals and repeat customers is to build a community within your customers. In some ways they should already have much in common – they fit your tight target market and they value what you have to offer. Bringing them together in some fashion can really ramp-up the feeling […]
the statup garden rules
Today I am interviewing Tom Ehrenfeld, author of the startup garden. I really enjoyed the book and know you will enjoy Tom’s insights. Here’s what I am hoping will happen. I have asked Tom some tough questions. I have included his responses as audio links. Just press on the the little blue tape recorder type […]
[tsg] Question 1 – What's the purpose of a business?
Tom Ehrenfeld’s answer John Jantsch – I would like to think, I’ve always tried to think, that the purpose of a business is to give the owner of that business and the folks that work at that business more life, more freedom…boy am I naive.
[tsg] Question 2 – Where is the best place to really look for your calling?
Tom Ehrenfeld’s answer John Jantsch– For me, and I didn’t discover this for a long time, I found my calling in the things I loved to do most as a kid. When I really look back at what I enjoyed most in school and as hobbies, it’s basically the stuff I enjoy doing today – […]

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