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The Ultimate Guide to Small Business Keyword Research

Keyword research is an important strategic marketing practice that, when thought of correctly, never really ends. While many people think of this…

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Creating Customer Evangelists Requires a Major Mind Shift
Today on Duct Tape Radio I interviewed Ben McConnell, co-author of the fabulous book Creating Customer Evangelists, and, while reading the book in preparation for my interview, I had my first aha moment when I came across a quote from Guy Kawasaki. “Sales is rooted in what’s good for me. Evangelism is rooted in what’s […]
Shopped Yourself Lately?
One the best ways to understand the experience that your clients or potential clients have with your firm is to become a client. Your goal here is to attempt to see your business as the world does. In order to do that I suggest you try this exercise first. Go visit a business that you […]
CCUCEO: Blog like you sing alone in your car
Great post today from Zane Safrit at CCUCEO. The post, titled Blog like you sing alone in your car is about writing but perhaps it could be said that it’s about a whole lot more. Good monday stuff!

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The Airplanes That Land Safely Are Boring
Everyday in America, tens of thousands of airplanes take-off and land safely, on time, and without fanfare. Once or twice a year, something goes terribly wrong and we get to read about it on the front page of every media out source in the land. Yesterday I attended an event that honored a small business […]
This week on Duct Tape Radio
You can tune into my weekly small business marketing radio broadcast each every Thursday at 9:00 am central (GMT -6) on the web at This week I will be interviewing: Mark Victor Hansen – author of the popular Chicken Soup for the Soul series and the One Minute Millionaire Jeffrey Fox – author of […]

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The Ultimate Referral System in 7 Steps
The following steps are taken from the Referral Flood Marketing Program. Referral Flood is an insider’s shortcut to referral marketing and features over 4 hours of audio training, 54 real-world referral marketing systems, and a host of referral marketing tools, letters, postcards and forms. Step #1 – Create a referral target market(s) – you must […]
Referral Marketing Interview with Marketing Sherpa
Anne Holland and her staff at Marketing Sherpa are some of the hardest working media folks you will ever encounter. The shear volume of quality content they crank out in their various newsletters and such is breathtaking. Recently, they contacted me to talk about referral marketing. For a limited time you can view my interview […]
What is the best way to motivate referral sources
One of the best ways to find out what would motivate a referral source to cough up a great referral is also one of the best ways to find out almost anything about your targeted market. Ask them! You know it’s so funny how often small business owners will make sweeping marketing decisions based on […]
This Week on Duct Tape Radio
You can tune into my weekly small business marketing radio broadcast each every Thursday at 9:00 am central (GMT -6) on the web at This week I will be interviewing: Michael Gerber – author of the popular E-Myth series of books Michelle Miller – WonderBranding and author of The Natural Advantages of Women. Should […]

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