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The Ultimate Guide to Small Business Keyword Research

Keyword research is an important strategic marketing practice that, when thought of correctly, never really ends. While many people think of this…

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Interview on Corporate Blogging
I was interviewed this week at Marketing Studies on the subject of corporate blogging. Have a listen Some of the topics covered in this interview: * Steps to producing a blog that won top honors by readers. * The difference between e-zines and blogs, especially in terms of the marketing affects of each. * […]
How To Get Found In Your Town
I am hosting session 5 in my local online marketing series Search Engine Optimization basics to win the local search traffic game – Or how to get found in your town Mar 30th – Noon Central Special Guest – Aaron Wall – SEO Book Local prospects, search locally. If you want your web site to […]
How Many Times Have You Contacted Your Prospects This Year
Hey, wake-up, the 1st Quarter of 2005 is coming to a close. By now, you should have made 3 or 4 contacts of some fashion with everyone on your prospect list. What, you don’t know what to send them? A press release A thank you card A case study An article you wrote An article […]

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Raise prices and get more referrals
Eventually you’ve got to raise your prices. You’ve held on for five years now because the last time you asked your clients to allow a $5 increase they screamed and moaned for weeks. Here’s a solution that will allow you to boldly hike the price and increase referrals at the same time. Raise your prices […]
Yahoo Intros Blogging With A Twist
Word on the AP wire today is that Yahoo plans to finally take advantage of its gigantic user base to introduce a blogging tool.  The description on a Yahoo beta page describes a service that seems as though it is a hybrid blogging and social networking tool that will allow users to take advantage of […]

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Google Local Finally Adds Ability To List Your Local Business
For local type businesses, those that just want business from around town, the Internet is becoming more and more important. As the search engines move to implement their local search strategies, local businesses will need to understand the playing field Here’s a tip: The Internet Is The New Phone Book and you better make sure […]
Blogs As A Marketing Integration Tool
Last week I made this post about niche websites and several people wisely chimed in that blogs can do the same thing – and they are right. Last week I said: Every business needs a web site. That’s no longer a debate. I contend, however, that every business really needs at least two web sites. […]
The Perfect Introduction In Reverse
One of the tools I have my Referral Marketing clients create is something I call The Perfect IntroductionTM. This is essentially a document that they use with potential referral sources to try and teach them what your ideal client looks like, how to refer you, why to refer you and what you intend to do […]
Marketing with The Queen
Sign-up for the third in my free local online marketing teleseminars. This session’s topic is: How to use an online newsletter to generate leads and keep your customers coming back for more and more Session #3 – Thursday, Mar 10th – Noon Central Time (GMT -6) How to use an online newsletter to generate leads […]

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