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blending socialNow that social media participation has become an integral aspect of the marketing mix, businesses are finding ways to increase the return on their social participation through paid amplification.

The impact on SEO alone can make this an attractive place to invest real dollars and Facebook’s growing importance for marketing is poised to threaten Google’s stranglehold gained through our dependence on organic search.

While initial social media initiatives were focused primarily on building and engaging in organic ways, smart marketers are now adding paid campaign support to the social mix very much like search engine marketing relies on PPC ad support.

This two prong approach still relies heavily on the creation of content worthy of sharing, liking, and following, but adds the dimension of paid campaigns to highlight and spread the published content.

Lead generation in this content driven social model is still a metered blend of advertising, public relations and referrals, but social is the mechanism driving the discovery and the conversation surrounding this powerful form of lead acquisition.

Armed with the tools to measure the effectiveness of any campaign in terms of likes, visits, mentions, and conversions, marketers are turning to campaigns that include sponsored blog posts, Google PPC, and Facebook Ads to create content awareness and social engagement over all things – and this may indeed be the most effective form of advertising currently available online.

The key to the effectiveness of this approach resides in building the organic side first. Paid social support is much more effective at producing results when you already have 10,000 Facebook Fans than it is at supporting the launch of your participation in a network where little engagement exists.

This is a trend that large organizations and agencies have been jumping on heavily over the last six months, but it’s a model that even the smallest of organizations needs to learn to embrace as a foundational lead generation approach.


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  1. The paid world is something I’m not willing to go to. I see no reason to pay fro traffic when it given away for free, even though I known you have to work for it.

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  2. Good to see people starting to think that this is not a totally free medium. It was certainly possible to get good free results at the start but with the amount of noise and the consumers getting wary of following and engaging with many brands it had to get to a stage where people were willing to invest in social properly

  3. Getting referrals can be very hard. I recently found a product that help you stop begging and pleading for referrals and actually rewards your network at no cost to you. Check it out

  4. Agreed! I think using both paid and organic social is a great way to gain new leads and increase your company’s exposure – whether you’re a large enterprise or small business. 

    Brittany Morse
    Online Marketing Specialist | Sprout Social

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