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The great folks over at Marketing Sherpa are holding their 2nd Annual Best Marketing Blog Reader’s Choice Awards.

This blog won in last year’s version as the “Best Small Business Marketing Blog.” Duct Tape Marketing is once again up for that category and if you like to read this blog on a regular basis (not sure what that says about you) then I would love it if you would vote for Duct Tape Marketing as the Best Small Business Marketing Blog! When you visit this link you will find lots of really good blogs but, don’t forget to scroll down to category #5 and vote “Excellent” for Duct Tape Marketing.

I don’t ask much now do I? Vote or not, I really appreciate response I get from the content I put on this blog. Small business owners tell me often that they were able to implement many of the tips I share here and that is why I continue to do it! Thanks again for all your support.


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